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eubanks01 08-23-2010 4:35 PM

More Batwing Help
Ok, I tried my first couple of batwings last year with no luck. I thought I would bust out a few attempts last weekend and see what happened. They felt a bit better, but I'm still getting worked pretty good.

I'm trying a slower progressive edge (cut too hard last year and was throwing them way out into the flats) and really trying to load up in the trough. I also tried to keep the handle in more on the way up as I felt like I was getting too stretched out last year.

So they felt better and I was starting to get a couple back down, but I'm still getting stalled out at the top. It gets thrown back but then it's just like I get stuck there until I come crashing down on my butt/back. Any thoughts on how to approach this differently? I know video would help but I don't have any yet.

Oh, and the other thing I think might help with giving you a visual...I feel like I'm more toes to the sky instead of nose down which might be part of the issue.


andy_nintzel 08-23-2010 5:12 PM

is the rope coming up to high????

alanp 08-23-2010 5:25 PM

im toying around with these too but had to stop for a couple weeks because my arm was getting too sore from trying to pull them down.

after you release the board if you turned your shoulders towards the boat (particularly the rear shoulder) im pretty sure it would get your nose pointed down. im going our friday and ill mess with these some more. i would love to be able to land a few.

eubanks01 08-23-2010 5:30 PM

Andy - Not sure. I need to see some video of myself. It seems like the key is really keeping the handle in low and tight, right? I'm getting really hung up trying to decide the edge and release, but maybe that isn't the most important issue. I always thought you had to load these up hard but I've seen plenty of people throw them with just a drifting edge. I don't know if my edge is the issue or if it is the handle position.

hyperlite 08-24-2010 5:48 AM

Hmm.....theres some old threads with this. Im honestly tired of typing an entire article for them. Lol sorry. Do some digging and you can find all of the old threads that will have the same answers as the ones youll get here

andy_nintzel 08-24-2010 11:54 AM

I would bet that if your getting hung up your getting the rope up high by your head, if you can keep it lower it kinda comes back down automatically. i like to load the line but use a slower progressive edge in, helps me if i am standing taller at the take off, at the wake i kinda use a scoping motions where i transfer my weight from a 50% front and 50% back foot to all front foot, this seems to help the boards go back and up in front of me so you dont do the star gazer batwing the board stays nicelt up and down. Got for the grab right a way and make sure you bring the board to your hand not you hand to the board. get some vid!!!

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