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mmobius2001 08-23-2010 1:34 AM

Amp Settings???
So i just ordered all new speakers for my boat. I had some older Kicker 6.5's in the boat and the lowest quality Kicker Marine speakers for tower (think it was 50w rms)

i have the inside speakers hooked up to a brand new Kenwood head unit, and the towers i have hooked up to a 150w 2 channel amp Kenwood. (pretty sure its 150w)

i've had my insides for 5years now and the towers i have had 2 years and i know for sure at least 3 of the speakers are blown.

i went ahead (on a budget) and bought 4 pairs of Polk DB651's im just gonna do the whole boat in them including the towers.

what should i set my amp up to get the best sound and not blowing it...??? im pretty sure i have the gain at around 50% of the way up.... thats all i know off hand...

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