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jenk2board 08-22-2010 6:45 PM

Raley transition from wakeskate to board
So I finally decided to learn a raley. I have been wakeboarding for quite some time, and never really had the desire to learn the raley til now. I have several heelside and toeside inverts, and spins. I decided to take it to the wakeskate first. I got the feeling down pretty well, popping out and coming down on six to seven in a row. When I strapped on the board, I was so focused on edging all the way through the wake and keeping my hips in front of my shoulders, I never even got my hips back behind me in the air. I was riding at about 70 ft and 20 mph. My regular length and speed is 75 and 22. Should I take the skate back to my regular riding length and speed? When I strapped the board on, I was concerned about cutting too hard and not being able to time my pop off of the wake. So my question is: what should my body position be right at the wake? Arms fully extended out and legs straight? I know I should cut all the way through the wake, but should I release off of my toes to get my hips behind me? Any help would be appreciated.

cwb4me 08-22-2010 8:35 PM

how many attempts?

jenk2board 08-23-2010 6:23 PM


cwb4me 08-23-2010 7:58 PM

line tension and powerful edge are most important in this trick.you have to go for it . have loose bindings so if you catch an edge both boots will come off.

jenk2board 08-24-2010 5:10 PM

Here is the wakeskate version.


jenk2board 08-24-2010 5:27 PM

And one with the board on. I need to cut harder, and as far as i can tell, I'm not popping at the wake because I am on edge too long and leaning back. It's a strange feeling expecting to get laid out, and then nothing happens.


tripsw 08-24-2010 7:00 PM

Can you do BIG HS jumps way into the flats, just standing tall all the way through? Your edge seems pretty mellow to me, and you'll want to stand a bit taller through your approach.

cwb4me 08-24-2010 7:18 PM

you are bent at the waist and your knees are bent. on the wake skate you looked more confident on the board you look hesitant.if you go with less weight in the boat you will have a more rampy and less steep wake. this will also help. the next thing you did was looked down you look up at the tower to keep you from rotating. also on the board you didn't relax your hips and shoulders. this lets the line tension swing you back and up. then at the peak you need to start pushing the handle down towards your knees. again it looked good on the wakeskate but confidence is not there on the board.

drewproses 09-05-2010 9:45 AM

Dont loosen your bindings... keep em nice and tight so your feet dont come out on the way up. My friend broke his foot due to this. You need to be even more aggressive with your edge when you have the board strapped on. Go out as wide as you can and really crank into the wake. The bigger you go on this trick the easier it is. Rather than popping off the wake, then trying to throw your legs out, make it one explosion at the top of the wake. Make sure your body stays squared up to the rope and when you are at the peak height push down on the handle. You are really close. Keep trying.

trio 10-17-2010 6:00 PM

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1st off Keep your binding tight!!

You are not getting the correct edge off the wake. You are trying to jump then throw the Raley. The movement needs to come off the wake. Your body needs to be squared to the wake but the edge is almost like you want to jump back away from the boat. That helps to throw the board out behind you.

Also the mistake I made when 1st learning the trick was trying to throw it way too hard. That made me go into a Stargazer Raley (pic). After I toned it down a bit my Raley's flattened out and got consistent.

Good luck & post a vid of the stomped Raley! Scary and fun trick! It always get my heart racing.

hyperlite 10-27-2010 4:37 AM

Work on that gaze and youll be set

samhanna 04-12-2011 5:34 AM

You have to much of your weight on your back leg. I did the same thing learning this trick. Take it back to the wakeskate and focus trying to get a 50/50 distibution on your approach and cut in. This will be apparent when your knees have the same bend in them. Go back and watch your video then try it out, you'll stomp one out of the box

kyle_L 05-08-2011 9:02 PM

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With having several toeside and heelside inverts, a raley will be the easiest trick you have ever learned. With your skill level you do not need the wakeskate, in fact i think learning it on a wakeskate does not give you the same sensation when you are pulling it down.
THE KEY TO LEARNING A RALEY IS ONE SIMPLE IDEA AND THAT IS KEEPING YOUR EYES ON THE TOWER. Once you look down you are going to either go into a very painful backroll or some other funny wipeout. Take a solid progressive edge into the wake, get your pop and immediately put your eyes right on the tower like they are locked in. Once you are extended, you are going to try to break a board over your knee with the rope and your legs will come right under your feet. When i learned raleys I even kept my eyes on the tower as i was edging basically going in blind. Thats how important it is too keep your eyes focused on the tower like laser beams. This is also a trick that you cannot wimp into it by taking a weaker edge or slowing the boat down, you gotta just go for it. The raley is probably the easiest "invert" in wakeboarding. I also disagree with going in 50/50/ You want to have a little extra weight on your back leg which will help pop you out if you want and as long as you keep your eyes on the tower, you will not stargaze like the photo above. He is staring straight at the water instead of the tower.

Here are some photos of me doing some glide variations which you will find are probably the most fun tricks to do on a wakeboard.

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