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rival 08-22-2010 4:55 PM

Where to get replacement watson hybrid fins?
I can't find any online or at any local stores. I broke 3 of them this week and I'm slightly irritated at this point. Their .8 fiberglass fins but they seem to have a different size screw and bolt pattern than most of the other LF fins. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

kyle_L 08-23-2010 4:30 AM

jd they don't exist. performance is ordering some from the plant in Abu dhabi specially because I too am a fin breaker but the ronix .8 slider fins fit on perfectly. I snapped one off on a kicker and one off transferring the aframe and landing on the fin. don't notice any difference with the ronix fins and they are cheap, $10 for 2. goto perfski.com and pick up a couple sets. these things show no signs of breaking

kyle_L 08-23-2010 4:33 AM

I just checked and they don't have the .8s on the website. just call them up and they will take care of you on the phone

rival 08-23-2010 6:15 PM

thanks for the heads up....my local shop had some of the ronix fins left so I picked up a set. I'm currently way happier with ronix lately than I have been with LF....

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