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andrewjet 08-20-2010 7:50 PM

Need your help on my tower lights?
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Bought this light bar and want these lights?? How can I mount them now? Just wasnt paying that much attention on the bar. HELP! Jet

wake_upppp 08-20-2010 8:48 PM

Fashion up a couple "L" brackets that you can attatch to the the top of the light bracket back to back. Leave enough space to slip the light bar bracket in between and bolt em up.

brichter14 08-20-2010 9:32 PM

Yeah or some sort of T bracket that will let you bolt it through, instead of running wires through the bar itself i bought some metallic duct tape from wal mart for mine. its also a diywake lightbar


andrewjet 08-23-2010 12:23 PM

Thanks Sparky. I needed some help. I was pissed off when I went to put it together and they didnt match up. I am designing a Z5 type bimini also at the same time as the light bar and Im under the gun for 2 boat trips coming up next weekend and the weekend after so I was STRESSED! got some small l-brackets but then found out the light bar clamps are to close together for my toxer so Im haveing to do some grinding now. #*&#! :mad:

wake_upppp 08-23-2010 6:29 PM

Huh really? They look like they would sit next to each other in that pic...

brichter14 08-23-2010 10:03 PM

well if you need a quick fix you can get the lights that I use at wal-mart for like 17 bucks a pair, the 5 i have on my tower lights up the entire boat no problem, just leave the boat running or your battery will be shot within 10 mins.

andrewjet 08-25-2010 12:15 PM

Yeah that's wear i got mine from. I got the low profile versions, I think they are the ones Monster uses, it also comes with a remote to turn on and off by key pad?? Not sure weather to use that are not?? What kind of tape did you use? A/C tape? But that has some black on the shiny part. Jet


brichter14 08-26-2010 8:03 AM

go to the duct tape area at wal mart, they should have the chrome version, thats what i used.

andrewjet 08-26-2010 8:36 AM

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Getting close.. Not real happy with the DIYWakes light bar. It has some cosmetic or (Im to lazy to really make it look nice) bad craftsmanship and the last light holder was welded on cr@@ked, I had to bend the light hardware to make it level. Of course Its the last hole before I noticed it, so I have done so much work on it that I dont want to send it back and wait 1-2 wks to get another. More to come. Jet

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