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mmobius2001 08-20-2010 12:51 PM

How to get road tar off front of boat???
just got back from a 200mile trip (took boat) there was some road construction here and there on way back. I looked over the boat and the front has all kinds of black specks all over it from the road....

how do i get it out? i washed and scrubed with toilet bowl/water mix then i tried vinegar and scrubbed, then regular boat wash...

next im gonna get the orbital buffer out and just wax it... should it come off while waxing?

dess03 08-20-2010 12:57 PM

should be able to get it off with regular bug and tar remover from the auto store no abrasive will eat your wax up though

baitkiller 08-20-2010 1:04 PM

Auto parts stores have products made for just that. But I would use lacquerer thinner. You'll have to re-wax anyway. In the future, on long hauls use Saran (plastic) wrap on the leading edges, bow and windscreen. It sticks great even at highway speeds. (dollar store tip) Peel it off and throw it away. We get love bug season down here. These things are black bugs that swarm everywhere and will take paint off your car if you let them stay on too long. On a trip to the Keys last month we forgot the wrap and spent two hours scrubbing black splattered bug goo of my buddies Fountain. The windshield and radio box and T top was 1/4' thick of dead black bugs. On the trip home we wrapped it. No problem. Wad up the bugs, dirt and tar and throw it away.

I know.... (blushing).... Jazinious!

guido 08-20-2010 1:24 PM

Try some WD-40 before you get too crazy. If that doesn't work, then I'd try some good cleaner wax (Meguire's or Zymol), then I'd go on to harsher chemicals: Goof Off or laquer thinner. How hard it is to get off will really depend on how set in it is. If it's still soft it should come off fairly easily.

MegNTadd 08-20-2010 2:28 PM

Simple Green! We had the same issue...came right off!! Good luck!

metalic_era 08-20-2010 2:41 PM

Magic eraser takes everything I've tried it on

mmobius2001 08-20-2010 4:17 PM

magic eraser doesnt really work, it started to come up a lil bit using wax detail spray, i'll go pick up simple green and bug/tar remover tomorrow before work and give that a try.

its weird though they feel like chips of black paint..... hope they come off, they were on there before and the local marina waxed my boat for me and they were off when the boat was returned but not sure if just the orbital buffer did the job or they used something else 1st....

thanks for the replys!

liveoz 08-20-2010 7:56 PM

It is just bug and tar remover and a lot of elbow grease, use the orbital buffer with the remover, it will save a lot of time.

wake_upppp 08-20-2010 9:53 PM

Stay away from lacquer thinner, its too "hot" and can soften some materials you may inadvertedly get it on. Plain old Naptha from any paint store works great. Charcoal lighter fluid works great as well. Pretty much the same as Naptha.

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