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Cyprian 08-20-2010 2:21 AM

suggestion for a new board?
I have been using my husband's board for the last two seasons, and decided to buy a smaller board for myself. I weigh about 135. My husband insists on buying me a signature board since he doesnt want me to grow out of it very quickly. I was in between Obrien Skyla 135 and LF Jett 136. A male friend recommended LF Watson Classis (which is not specifically designed for ladies). is there any difference between the ladies boards and men boards? all three boards are 3-stage rocker, and i have never tried this before. should I stick with continuous rocker? if so what model do you recommend (BTW, i am interested only in Obrien or LF)?

cwb4me 08-20-2010 2:25 PM

the jett and the witness are one in the same. my wife rides and learned to ride on the jett. i know a young girl who rides the skyla and likes it . you can't go wrong with either. what do you not like about your husbands board other than the size?

hawkeye7708 08-22-2010 12:30 AM

In most cases, there are few if no differences between ladies and mens boards. There are some cases that the pro women actually have their own shape, but often what you'll see marketed as a "Ladies Board" is just a mens board with different graphics and different sizing.

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