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twelve02 08-19-2010 12:35 PM

Sanger Hull Stickers
Does anyone know if Sanger sells their hull stickers? I'm looking to get a set, preferably the raised, gel stickers, anyone know if they sell them or does someone else make them?

4white 08-19-2010 12:58 PM

Not sure, I would like some if you find a source.

supraride 08-19-2010 1:03 PM

Call Sanger up direct. I did this a few years ago and got those stickers from them. Good luck

gunz 08-19-2010 1:10 PM

Walt got some for his years ago,so I'd imagine they'd still have them.
Give them a call.

ottog1979 08-19-2010 1:12 PM

(559) 485-2842. I'm certain they have them.

ralph 08-19-2010 1:22 PM

Ask for Eric in parts he will get them for you.

twelve02 08-19-2010 3:00 PM

Thanks Everyone, I'll let you know what I find out.

ottog1979 08-19-2010 3:02 PM

Yup, Eric is the Man!

humboldt9 08-19-2010 3:46 PM

Just curious what year your boat is.? I'm looking for some replacements as well mine is an '02. Definitely post up what you find out.

twelve02 08-19-2010 4:18 PM

It's for a 2003 V230. I called Sanger but they were closed. Their hours are 7:30 - 3:30 M-T

humboldtboarder 08-19-2010 4:33 PM

I called Sanger about two months ago looking for some stickers for my boat. They sell them, but they told me that they only have the old english style stickers that comes on the new boats. I think they were around $200 each. I don't really care for the new style so I passed on them.

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