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twelve02 08-19-2010 9:41 AM

I think I found my new boat
So last week I posted a thread about needing help deciding on a boat for my family. There were so many great helpful posts, thanks to everyone that contributed. Well, I had it narrowed down to a few different boats, but the top 3 were a 2002-2004 Malibu LSV, 2004 and newer Centurion Avalanche and a 2003 and newer Sanger V230.

Well, I think I found my boat and am driving to Phoenix on Saturday to pick it up. I found a super clean 2003 Sanger V230. It doesn't have perfect pass, wake racks or built in ballast, but it does come with 2 rear sacks, a good tower, good stereo, clean gelcoat, low hours, ~380 and a good price. They are asking $23900 for it. I'd like to see what everyone here thinks about it.




ilikebeaverandboats 08-19-2010 9:47 AM

looks real clean. Good lookin barco. ONLY thing i think you will need to add is Perfect Pass, its one of those things you may not need but sure is nice to have. otherwise you are good to go. have fun with it man!

cwb4me 08-19-2010 10:00 AM

if those are current pictures it's clean. i don't know what one sold for new but for 8 years depreciation i would guess 50% to 55% off of new should be in the ballpark. there should be plenty of people on here to help you know if the price is right.

twelve02 08-19-2010 10:03 AM

Those pictures were taken yesterday. As far as price, it seems to be in line with what I have seen others for, but this one is def. one of the cleaner ones I have seen.

twelve02 08-19-2010 12:28 PM

I'd be anxious to hear from other Sanger owners as to what they think of the condition of the boat as well as what I should do or look out for to make a great surf / wakeboarding wake.

I think the only things I need to is get some board / surf racks, replace the floor speakers with some tweeters, maybe add some lights to the tower and that's it, hopefully...


helinut 08-19-2010 12:45 PM

And like was stated above, get perfect pass. You can thank us later. :)

mattgettel 08-19-2010 12:48 PM

Looks great. And i third the perfect pass.

mendo247 08-19-2010 12:56 PM

That boat will throw a great wake with some weight in it. Its actually my favorite wake in the Sanger line up. Big and Rampy! Again its gonna need some weight. Also the interior of these things is HUGE, makes for a great day on the water. It handles pretty well for a boat of this size. Seems like its super clean and a fair price forsure.

4white 08-19-2010 1:01 PM

Looks great, Perfect Pass is a must though!!!

skongolf 08-19-2010 1:48 PM

Ughhhh!! I saw that same boat and if I had the money I would be all over it!!! I agree about the perfect pass though. Nice thing is you can put the stargazer in it. As far as v drives in Phx go, that is the best one around and I have been looking like crazy!. The one thing you may want to check out is the service records and see where it was serviced. Call them and see what they think, but honestly at that price it seems like a steal.

stephan 08-19-2010 4:31 PM

I agree with everyone else, the boat looks to be in dang good shape, and its tough to go wrong with a Sanger.

One question I have, what is going on in the last picture? It looks like there is some sort of a strip wrapping the leading edge of the V entry. Is it a protective thing? Is it a repair from being beached? Is it some janky tape covering a spot where a jack hole beached his boat on the AZ rocks?

Aside from that, looks awesome.

sdsccrash 08-19-2010 4:35 PM

Its a keel gaurd

chilidog 08-19-2010 5:04 PM

that strip looks like a keel guard, could be hiding a chip or just as a preventative measure. I would ask about it though. Other than that the boat looks clean, and I would say the price is right. Looks like everything you need is there. Ballast and racks are easily addable, you could get some swivel racks even or ones that are surf/wakeboard combo to suit your needs. My V215 was similar in that it didn't have everything but just enough to get started and it's nice to pick and choose what you want to add when. Is that the 315hp Mercruiser motor? Not that the 330hp scorpion is much better but I was told to try and get the scorpion when I was looking. Enough weight and you will have to reprop anything so that wouldn't be a deal killer for me. Looks like a good find, agree on a price and go for a test drive just to be sure it floats, and there is no vibrations coming from the prop/shaft while underway, and you can make sure all the guages etc. work. Can't go wrong with a Sanger! I haven't had perfect pass for the last 180 hours of boarding, hasn't been too big of a deal but someday....someday, it will be mine good luck

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