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twise 08-18-2010 11:00 AM

Anyone notice a funky smell on the westside of Elsinore the past few weeks? Looks like they got those bubblers working and it is rank. East side was okay, but the west side was polluted!!! Any one got some info on that? I just wanna make sure I dont grow flippers or something. I asked the dude at the marina and he knew nothing. I thought maybe the floating outhouse sprung a leak.

dirtrider 08-18-2010 11:09 AM

Ha Ha, that's Elsinore for you. Stinks sooo much less than it used to. Don't worry, you won't grow flippers, just an extra arm or a tail.

stephan 08-18-2010 11:10 AM

There is a reason it has the nickname "Smells-some-more". I believe the lake's issues are the algae blooms that eat up all the oxygen in the lake thus leaving essentially a dead lake. Probably the single most disgusting lake that people are allowed to ride on. Just wait til September/October when its in really bad shape before the rains.

dirtrider 08-18-2010 11:19 AM

The oxygen pumps and the extra water that they pump into the lake have really improved the situation. The lake used to almost dry up all the way, the algea would bloom and all the fish would die from lack of oxygen. You could smell it for mile and miles from the lake. Now you can only really smell anything when you are at or on the lake.

twise 08-18-2010 11:34 AM

Don't get me wrong - I think they have done a great job of cleaning it up. It was just this past few weeks. Really rank on the west side. Just wondering if someone had the scoop on what was up with that.

Elsinore is 15 minutes from my house - Thats my home lake, I gotta love it. We went up to Big Bear last weekend. What a circus on that water. I have not been to Perris, but have been told that it is lame. Short of 5 hours to Mead - what are you going to do. We just spent ten days in Shasta this summer. That place is sick. Planning a Powell trip next summer. I have also been thinking about renting a place in Cyn Lake for a year to see if its worth it.

elc 08-18-2010 11:54 AM

haha... I noticed it the last few times we went to elsinore. This about the time every year it starts to smell. Perris isn't worth going to if you live 15 min form elsi.

twise 08-18-2010 1:06 PM

^^^ Yea - Thats what I thought.

brett564 08-19-2010 2:26 AM

What really might surprise you is as bad as Elsinore looks with the murky waters and the sporadic algae blooms, the clear drinking water lakes nearby like Canyon Lake and Perris actually have higher bacteria levels. Those lakes can make you sicker than Elsinore. It has something to do with the algae in Elsinore and how it eats up bactaria. Unfortunately, I have a fairly fragile immune system so not only can I pass on information learned from State Parks Rangers, I can personally testify to it. I get sick nearly every time I wakeboard at Canyon Lake and Perris, but surprisingly not that often at Elsinore. In fact, I get sick more often surfing in the So Cal beaches than I do wakeboarding at Elsinore. Elsinore gets a bad rap, but Its still the best we have around here.

twise 08-25-2010 2:11 AM

I agree - I have never gotten sick - But that smell freaked me out...

hyperlite 08-25-2010 9:35 AM


havasu4life 08-25-2010 7:33 PM

Agreed! Short of driving 5-6 hrs to mead, 3-4 hrs to the Colorado river or 2-3 hrs to Castaic or dealing with diapers in Perris, Elsinore it is...

I wonder if dredging it or deepening the lake would help? But i bet it would expensive. But on the other hand it would attract more people. I wish they alowed water sports on Diamond Valley lake! That lake is pretty big.

Ahhhh dreams! lol

Jamesmade 08-26-2010 1:05 AM

i have noticed the same thing the past couple weekends. how was big bear? was it super crazy there, and how cold is the water?

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