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ryansgt 08-18-2010 7:07 AM

2002-2004 VLX vs 2003 MB sports B52v
Hey guys, I am pretty much set on those years VLX but I just wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on the B52. Saw one that looked sick. I'm not a great rider but it is what I primarily use the boat for. I would guess 80/20 split wake/surf with the occasional kiddie doing the tube thing. Has anyone riden behind one, any impressions. There are not many out here so I like the idea of being unique and I do pretty much all my work myself so having dealer support isn't really that big of an issue so long as I can get parts shipped.

Thanks guys


wakereviews 08-18-2010 8:44 AM

I have only ridden and driven an 08 220V/B52V and an 05 VLX and I'm not sure they are the same hulls as the years you are considering (i know the VLX is not). I can tell you the B52V I rode in with some weight in the nose was a very good wake, not as good as my Team Widebody by any means but very good. That seems like a great crossover boat as the ski wake is also good (especially for a v-drive). The MB also had a SICK surf wave with very little effort at all.

My 05 VLX didn't have the nose tank but still had a decent stock wake, but definitely would have needed weight. I personally did not like the wedge at all... i did not like the way it made the boat drive. In my experience the Malibus have always handled much better than any other boat I've driven. They are very nimble, even my neighbors 05 23 LSV handles very good.

I think those are both good options, it'd come down to condition, pricing, accessories, hours..

alans 08-18-2010 8:50 AM

The '03 B52 is a very solid boat. Hard to compare to the VLX without seeing the prices. But it has a good engine , 330 Excalibur, a good tower, Skylon Swoop, good vinyl, big ballast system 1600 lbs. and a great build quality. The only real issue with the '03 B-52 is that the wakeboard wake is not immaculate and has a little notch in it. Nothing that would stop a recreational rider from having a blast. The surf wake is great.

ryansgt 08-18-2010 9:37 AM

prices are roughly equal ~30-33k with the b52 being 30. good info, yeah, it seems to be sharp. it would be tough to demo but i would fly out and ship back if it were good enough. How does it compare internally with storage space and layout?

stephan 08-18-2010 10:10 AM

They are laid out fairly similarly, the MB might have a little more cockpit space. I thought those years Malibu were a little more aesthetically pleasing. Now when it comes to wake is where the greatest difference was, now other will disagree but thats cool. The word is that the new MB are making great wakes, my personal experience with older ones (such as an '03) was that the wake left much to be desired. For wake alone, I would choose the Malibu every time.

ryansgt 08-18-2010 10:55 AM

that is about what i thought. Yeah, it is probably gonna be a vlx for me

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