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waketowake 08-17-2010 6:41 PM

perfect pass trouble help!!
i looked at the pp on my 07 x star and the screen was off. I pushed on and it slowed me down to wakeboard speed, and made the beeping noise, but the screen still wasn't on. Then 15 minutes later i looked, and it was half way on. then when flushing the boat it was working fine?

any suggestions

Matt831 08-17-2010 7:14 PM

Yes. Same thing happened to me. I called PP and they recommend taking the module (black box) cover off and pressing firmly on the large brown/biege curcuit. I did this and all is fine. I think what happened is it vibrated loose from rough water or my subwoofer which is right near the module box.

waketowake 08-17-2010 7:48 PM

well i have 2 10s and a 12 so thats probably what happend :D thanx man ill do that

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