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newmy79 08-17-2010 5:37 PM

My one year wedding anniversary present: Wakesurfer!
My wife and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary this past weekend. She is so slick and creative at getting me presents, she gets me everytime without me ever knowing.

We spent the weekend at a private lake camping. Saturday morning while packing stuff up to get ready to leave she tells me to go into the closet to get some towels for the boat. So I do. I open up the door and to my sincere surprise there was not one wakesurfer in there but two! At first I thought I wasn't supposed to see it and I kind of just closed the door like I hadn't, but she came in the room to see my face. A Grindwater Slaysh 2010 model and a LF Custom is what I was facing. She got both so I could demo them to see which I liked better and the decision went to the Grindwater.

How about that for an anniversary present? I am an extremely lucky guy. Now I just have to do some research and figure out how to weight my 21V for surfing. I know the first order of business is to upgrade my locker sacks to the 1,100 lb. fly highs.

I am extremely excited about this board and am looking forward to riding it more.

timmyb 08-17-2010 8:06 PM

That's awesome!!! I think you definitely married the right woman! Congrats on the anniversary and the new board! Post some pics of you riding when you get everything dialed in.

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