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ragboy 08-17-2010 3:37 PM

Incredible Wakesurfing Tricks SlowMo
So RJ and I just finished the NWOpen vids, all of them, its a lot of work, but we love doing it. Usually we put up each individual run, and then make a podcast or 2 out of them. Usually a recap or something. Well Nick Scott did an exellent job with the recap, which you can see here:


So RJ and I were thinking, there were so many great runs this year, and the conditions were good, not lots of chop and stuff. How about a video of just the coolest tricks, and we will give them the full Final Cut Pro slow mo treatment, which is very cool to see some of these. Here is the thing, we don't want to miss any of them. So if you want to make sure your trick, or someone elses gets on the vid go to the forum below and just post the name of the rider and the approximate time in the video the trick is. So like:

James Walker, finals, 2:14 "The Widow Maker"

So go to the forum and tell us what you want, and we will make sure it gets in, on top of the ones we are already working on. Include the trick name and we will put up a graphic. Do it today, because we want to wrap this up tonight.


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