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wake26 08-16-2010 2:41 PM

what is everybody using?
I am looking for a program to edit and make videos with music. I hear a lot of people using Photoshop is it a good program to use? and can you make slideshows with music on it? I just bought a canon T1I and took over 1000 pictures at Powell last week and would love to make a video to music.

dcervenka 08-17-2010 9:20 PM

Are you on a MAC or PC? What's your budget? That will help narrow down your options.

If you're asking if Photoshop is a good program then you probably don't need it.. plus you don't use it to edit videos.

Windows Movie Maker - Entry Level Video Editing
Premiere Elements - Entry Level Video Editing
Lightroom - Photo Editing (allows you to export photo album with music)
Sony Vegas - Intermediate/Advanced Video Editing
Premiere Pro - Advanced Video Editing

Final Cut Express - Entry Level Video Editing
Aperture - Photo Editing (I believe you can do some video editing in here, but it's primarily for photos)
Final Cut Pro - Advanced Editing

richd 08-18-2010 6:50 AM

Aperture 3 is set up to do exactly what you want check this out:


wake26 08-18-2010 7:52 AM

Its a pc budget is around $100. I want something that I can edit pics make slide shows with music, edit pics. I have been looking at the adobe software it seems to get good ratings.

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