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pesos 08-16-2010 1:25 PM

stanfurd gives ipads to med students

This is just the beginning...

kstateskier 08-16-2010 4:20 PM

Wes, I don't get where you're going with this? My brother is a doctor and when he was at the University of Kansas Med School, they gave students tablet PCs, and he will use his iPhone to this day using specific Medical Apps. Is this another one of your negative Apple rants? Maybe I'm completely missing your point here and if so I apologize. I just don't understand why putting more technology into the hands of doctors is a bad thing.

pesos 08-16-2010 4:45 PM

Sorry rushed the post as I was running out to lunch. I think it's great. Not sure how I got labelled as anti-Apple. I guess the same way I got labelled as anti-Christian - misunderstanding. There are pros and cons to any technology company. I own an ipad and have had several iphones and have been very happy with them. By just the beginning I meant that I see the ipad spreading far and wide through the medical community (among other industries) and I think it's going to have a very positive impact.

jtnz 08-16-2010 9:32 PM

Great idea, I don't think it will take long before you only see a PC in the reception area of a hospital, dirty keyboards are too difficult to disinfect.


behindtheboat 08-17-2010 6:15 AM

ipads are already huge in the medical field.

TheSarge 08-19-2010 1:17 PM

My sisters daughters eye doctor used an eye chart off his Ipad to check her eyes and the doc was well into his 50's! She said it was strange but cool at the same time.

kstateskier 08-23-2010 3:59 PM

Sorry Wes, I got you confused with someone else that was on an Apple rant not long ago and just thought you were going in the opposite direction. My apologies.

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