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unclejessie 08-16-2010 10:07 AM

3 way valves and Simer pumps
I feel stupid... I just re-did my ballast system in hope of an easier design only to find out that the FlowRite V5 3 way valve wont' work with a a reversible self priming pump like the Simer. The pump actually pulls open the flapper on the closed side and sucks air when I am trying to emply one bag. In my system I use the 3 way valve to direct flow in and out of two different bags. I had been using a manual value and I replaced them with the V5 so I can do all the directing from the driver seat and not have to ask someone to "flip that valve, close that valve", etc.

Has anyone found a 'remote' 3 way value that do the job?


mikeski 08-18-2010 3:49 PM

the only one I have seen is the Jandy pool valve, it has the ability to be equipped with an actuator but it will be $$$$

Why are you using valves at all? are you using a single simer on multiple bags? you can also use 2 gate valves in lieu of a single 3 way but again that's lots of hardware. I would just go with one pump per bag and call it a done deal.

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