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ksilva 08-15-2010 10:12 PM

Finally got my girlfriend up on a wakeboard
Hey Guys and Gals,

It took 1 year, but I got my girlfriend up on a wakeboard. I was really excited.
I am no pro and learned on my own, so I am seeking advice to help my girlfriend.
Every time she gets up, she automatically pulls to the left side (as you can see in the video).
She was riding my Hyperlite Motive 144, Any advice would be helpful.

Thank You....


aliwake 08-15-2010 11:53 PM

hey dude that's great! looks like she'll be hooked in no time :)
pulling to the left like she does is fine to start off with - a heelside cut is the most comfortable for beginners, but, if she really wants to get back behind the boat, she needs to turn her front hip back the way she wants to go. that front hip (left for her) is what will contol her direction. at the moment her hip is pointing out to the left of the boat, and so the whole board is going that way too, so that even when she tries to turn the board back towards the boat, that hip is stil pointing away from it, and that's why she's getting nowhere. she needs to turn that front hip so that it's pointing back towards the boat, and then she shouldn't even need to cut much - she'll just start drifting back into the middle.
hope that made some sense... let me know if not and I'll try again! :)

aliwake 08-15-2010 11:55 PM

p.s. tell her to bend her knees a bit more, but have her chest out, so her upper body is a bit straighter (ie stick her boobs out!) - she'll have a btter stance straight away.

cwb4me 08-16-2010 5:44 AM

tell her to push her hips out toward her toes and bend her knees .that will make her body one straight line from her knees to her shoulders.if she has trouble with that tell her to let go with her right hand this will help line her body with the board. then she can push the hips towards her toes and lean against the line.keep arms relaxed and outstretched and put 60% of weight on right foot and40% on left. then put weight on toes or heels to cut back and forth. HOPE THIS HELPS.

wakekat15 08-16-2010 6:05 AM

I address that issue by having them let go with the rear hand once the are up. It forces them to turn their hips into the correct position, and put a little more weight on their back foot. Once they get that muscle memory going on how it's supposed to feel, they go back to keeping two hands on and tend to maintain the correct posture. It generally only takes one set of having them release with the rear hand to take care of the issue.

MoombaRiderJ 08-16-2010 9:43 AM

My wife had the same issues when I taught her the beginning of the summer. She would always shoot out heelside automatically. Body positioning is a factor like with the other post comments, but what i have seen with my wife...practice, plenty of sets to get comfortable. My wife had never been on a wakeboard, now she gets up every time, she doesn't pull out heelside now, she can pull off surface 180's, butterslides (occassionally) and small wake jumps. It will come, she will get addicted if it is anything like my wife.


denverlove 08-18-2010 10:26 PM


have her chest out, so her upper body is a bit straighter (ie stick her boobs out!)
Seriously, this sounds silly... but it's perfect advice. I always tell girls when they ride for the first time to "stick your boobs out like you're trying to impress a hot guy" and it always works. :) It helps them get up faster and they have great posture from the get go. When she begins to stand up straighter (is that a word?), then she'll want to pull in the handle to her leading hip. That will give her more control.

Have her watch this video... it explains posture very well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0ROuM5ZoqA

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