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tinytdubb 08-13-2010 3:10 PM

Bent 22'' rim
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Hey jack of all trades on Wakeworld I need advise. I slightly bent a 22" rim a while back. It's not the worst but it caused a slow leak. It will hold air for a few days but slowly leaks out. The dent is on the inside of the rim. I no longer have any use for these rims and I'd like to get rid of them. I am debating taking the bent rim to Stockton wheel to have it fixed but I'm not sure it would be worth it. Minus the dent all 4 rims are in excellent condition and I have all four center caps and lug nuts. Any suggestions on whether I should just see what I can get for them vs repairing the rim? They came off a Dodge Magnum.

rsanchez 08-13-2010 6:07 PM

Honestly, if you want to sell them I'd spend the money to fix them. Most buyers would recognize that it might cost $XXX or whatever to fix the wheels, and they're probably going to haggle you down on that + then some. Take it to Discount Tire (or Americas Tire store in california) and see if they have someone that will fix them. In arizona we have NuWheel, and assuming your wheel isn't cracked, I think they can bend it back and clean up the chrome if it got messed up. They're also dual bolt patterns so spend 5 minutes when you goto sell them, find out what cars they fit and blast that all over a craigslist ad and you should be able to unload them pretty easily. Good luck regardless...

azwakekid 08-14-2010 2:26 PM

i would not spend the money to fix it. it would cost too much. by the time u pay to get the wheel fixed and then sold them it would not be cost affective. u cant bend aluminum back into place. it will break. just sell them how they sit now. there are always suckers out there that think they can fix it themselfs so they will buy them no problem

chas 08-14-2010 9:10 PM

Call stockton wheel first and then make your choice. They have always been fair with me.

barry 08-14-2010 11:31 PM

If it's a good wheel it is worth fixing. If it's Chinese cast junk, don't bother.


u cant bend aluminum back into place. it will break
That is not quite true. The shop who fixed mine (twice) told me that if it's a good wheel it *wants* to go back into shape. Mine had a pretty bad bend from a large pothole and they are as true as new. Cost me 100.00 each time..
I've also heard good things about Stockton Wheel.

buffalow 08-16-2010 7:38 AM

Call Tire & Wheel Masters in Stockton or go over there. You can probably buy that rim for $150ish. They sell 20" tire/wheels for under $1K and 22"s are like $1200. The place is a little sketchy, but we have bought a few sets from there and new had any issues.

tinytdubb 08-16-2010 8:14 AM

I have looked like crazy (this includes all the sketchy rim shops in Stockton) for a new rim to no avail. Thanks everyone for the advice. My biggest problem is that if the rim was not bent and I was selling them I could get maybe $500 with no tires (22's have gotten so cheap). Is it worth getting it fixed to make an extra $100? I'll sell them for $300 with the bent one. I'll disclose everything to the buyer but like Rodney said, there is always that guy.

guido 08-16-2010 12:38 PM

I probably wouldn't waste the time, but it all depends what your time is worth to you, right? We've had litteraly dozens of aluminum rims repaired for our shop. It's generally not a problem unless the wheel is bent on center. If it is losing air there might be another issue at hand. I've seen some pretty bent wheels that hold air just fine. There may be a small crack somewhere. Have you had the wheel dipped to see where it's actually leaking?

tinytdubb 08-16-2010 5:22 PM

no I didnt have it dipped. It held air for a long time before losing it.

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