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mikejones 08-12-2010 11:44 AM

2010 Marius Bindings... user reviews...
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So i get my new 2010 Marius bindings in yesterday, and take them out for the first break-in set. Now I know most bindings take a few outings to properly break in and adjust to your particular foot, However, I was a bit shocked when I rode as I was getting some pretty good pain on my right foot (regular stance rider) on the outside of my heel, under my ankle bone. So I stopped, adjusted the laces, a little better, but two jumps and hurting again. So I stopped, examined what could be causing this and I see the heel lace (which i thought was a great feature) is what i think is causing this. it looks like the heel lace is riveted to the plate. Anyways, any of you who use this boot have this same problem on the outside heel area of your back foot?

This area, back foot only...

Attachment 7033

Attachment 7034

Seems like its coming from the heel lace base area...

Attachment 7042

Or the same area, and its the rivet for the heal plate.

Attachment 7036

Anyone have this same issue? If so, how did you remedy? Thanks!

hyperlite 08-12-2010 2:08 PM

Get with cwb. Im sure they have addressed this issue and found a fix or have fixed it in the new boots. The particular pair you have may be early production.

joe_crawley 08-12-2010 3:02 PM

No problem like that for me. I've got a pair of 2010 factions on my 142 severance and 2010 marius boots on my 134. Both suffer the same problems: the clinch locks on the laces don't work, the footbeds have detached from the bottom of the boots, and the hinge tech marketing crap doesn't do anything. However, they are super comfortable and light.

hco 08-12-2010 3:51 PM

my 2010 AA's were very uncomfortable for the first three sets and then it also took me a little bit to adjust on how to lace them/strap in. I know that they are different bindings but i figure that at the basics of it all they are the same. I found that when I shoved my foot in I had to grab the inner lining and kind of shimmy it up farther on my leg to have it fit comfortably. I yank on th left side then the right side and repeat a few times. I also slam my heels into the back of the bindings. It takes its toll on my teak platform but the improved comfort is worth it.

helinut 08-12-2010 5:28 PM

I wasn't happy with these boots at all. The hinge didn't work at all, and my foot never really felt planted to the base of the boot. I traded a brand new set to my local shop for a new set of 09 Answers. I LOVE the Answers! Best fitting binding for me yet.

cwb4me 08-12-2010 6:53 PM

+1 on the answers. i have 2 sets of 09 and 1 2010 it's the best.

kramer 08-12-2010 7:58 PM

I have not had that problem and I have been using the marius bindings all season. Unlike Shawn and Robert I did not like the answers(didnt seem to fit my foot right) but I love the marius bindings.

hyperlite 08-13-2010 4:13 AM

Jesus.....get with cwb customer service

mikejones 08-13-2010 4:28 PM

Went out for set #2 today with the new bindings. heel was still bruised from the first set two days ago. I got about a ten minute set in and could not bear the pain anymore. Back to my old setup :mad: I'm going to have my shop get with CWB to swap out. Cause noone could ride these boots like this, the pain is bad!

Whats the consensus on the CWB 09 lineup? if the AAs or Answers are better, I'll have them swapped out for them.

stephan 08-13-2010 4:57 PM

I'm guessing you are asking what the consensus is on the '10 bindings. From the looks of it, some had success with others after not liking their original choice. I have been riding the Answers and am a big fan, my only beef is that when removing my foot the footbed can bunch up. That first happened at a cable and really I just need to loosen them completely to prevent it from happening. Lightweight, durable and comfy. I'm probably going with the AA next year, friends with them have all good things to say.

If you do want to look at the '09 boots, they are completely different but pretty awesome in their own right. They were a fair amount heavier and a different design. IMO the Hinge worked better.

mikejones 08-14-2010 7:05 AM

Sorry, I did mean 2010 bindings. I've got my shop working on this and I truly hope CWB takes care of this cause they are simply unusable cause of the pain caused by the nub jiggin me in my heal.

bbr 08-14-2010 9:48 AM

You can always call CWB yourself and explain the issues to them. Sometimes it's better to not have a third party get involved, especially when trying to explain an issue that you're having. They will take great care of you.

thedoubleupkid 08-16-2010 4:03 PM

Hey Mike,

Most likely you received a product from our first batch of 2010 boots. There was an slight issue w/ the Marius "footbelts" getting stitched in the correct location. Has Mat in warranty solved your issue? Thanks!

mikejones 08-16-2010 7:12 PM

Spoke to Kyle at CWB today. He's going to take care of me with some new Answers as you guys didn't have my size in the Marius. Which is cool. Very happy with the quick action by CWB. Thanks!

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