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StanleyWheelhouse 08-11-2010 9:42 PM

Chase Sparkles 247 Wave
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Chase Sparkles 247 Face Off! Clean Off!

wofrankwo 08-11-2010 9:58 PM

love those nose grab airs!!

ragboy 08-12-2010 2:02 AM

Where did it wash up? Great pics.

wakemitch 08-12-2010 11:12 AM

that crail is gnarly!

timmyb 08-12-2010 12:55 PM

Nice pics!

StanleyWheelhouse 08-12-2010 1:56 PM


Originally Posted by ragboy (Post 1620934)
Where did it wash up? Great pics.

still lookin

hatepain 08-12-2010 2:04 PM

Damn thats some serious pop! Excellent pic.

ragboy 08-12-2010 2:10 PM


Originally Posted by StanleyWheelhouse (Post 1621221)
still lookin

LOL, let me know if I can help.

bac 08-12-2010 3:35 PM

Great shots Stanley! How's the new wake vs. the old one?

StanleyWheelhouse 08-12-2010 5:05 PM

At first i did not like the wave. Had to get it dialed in due to the change over to the corvette motor and transmission. Now I love it. the wave is ridiculous and you can run with the wedge at the top of the arc which makes the wave tall long and powerful. Chase said it has the most pop of any wave he has ridden. He was boosting so high. higher than he did on the 2008.

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