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gavin 08-11-2010 1:24 AM

Tips for Making Flash Album
Everyone looks forward to birthdays, hoping receive special gifts from friends, family and honey in that day. And everyone also wants to show special gifts for friends, family or honey in that day. Now you can use Yuzhe Easy Motion to make your life more colorful. This step by step flash album tutorial will guide you to turn your photos into Birthday Album conveniently. Now let's begin the flash album journey.

Birthday Flash Album Sample:

Here’s what you’ll need:
1.The birthday photos (JPG/JPEG/GIF/BMP, etc.) and background music.
2.Buy Yuzhe Easy Motion or download Yuzhe Easy Motion.

Step1: Install Yuzhe Easy Motion and Choose a Template
Download Yuzhe Easy Motion and then install it. After installation, launch the program and choose a template to create your album.

Step2: Add Photos
Import the photos you enjoy from your computer.

If you want to make some advanced settings, you can click “Show advanced settings on the next page”, and then you can make some advanced settings.


Step3: Select a Directory to export your album

Step4: Add sounds
Click “Resources” to add sounds or click “Add Sounds” to add sounds from your computer.

Step5: Export Album or Publish it
Click “Export” to export your album, or click “Publish” to publish it.

Look, so easy to make an album with your own characteristics. Your friends will love this special gift you made, by yourself, for him/her. What are you waiting for? Just download Yuzhe Easy Motion to begin a wonderful flash album making journey!

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