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airzemee 08-10-2010 10:16 PM

New 1980 Ski Nautique
So i just picked up a SN a couple of weeks ago, figured this boat would be better than the bayliner i always had to bum a pull in, with a crappy driver who never listened about not powerturning, or driving in a straight line. So i finaly said screw it and bought this boat locally for a pretty decent price I think. Came with a homemade tower on it thats real sturdy too. ANyways i figure it should be good for the next couple of summers until i can afford to get a newer vdrive wakeboarding boat.

Worst part of my story is I broke my foot in a nonwakeboarding accident, stupid really, so i havent even been able to ride behind the boat yet! killing me watching some pretty decent riders ask me for a pull and then watching them do some impressive tantrums way out into the flats and one guy even landed his first 7 behind it. Its not the best boat out there by a long shot, but it should do me pretty well to advance my riding alot more than the 3 times a month i was able to nag the bayliner guys to go out and pull me.

So having said that. Does anyone have this boat? I am wanting to get some more weight into this bad boy to make it the best i can. What should i put in it for fat sacks? Ive had it loaded with people and gear so far and it makes a pretty decent wake, better than the riders could handle on that day anyways, i was choked i couldnt go out and use that haha. I'm not sure i would want to put much more weight in it anyways when i have that many people in the boat. Plus i'm not sure id have the space to even put sacs in when i have that many ppl,
What i am thinking is some on either side of the engine doghouse, then maybe one across the back where my bench is. I would like to put some up front to mellow that steep wake up a bit but i think im super limited for space under the bow. If anyone has a system for these kind of nautiques i would love to see.
Also Which prop should i look at for the boat? while the prop i have has no problem pulling people out of the water, when its loaded down it has problems maintaining a steady speed. Now alot of that is because most people in my crew are beginners and are scared to go the speeds required for the wake to be clean(22-24) but even when loaded down i feel when i start riding again at those speeds my driver will have some minor issues. i'm not sure what i have on it now, I will find out tommorrow, It is a 4 blade thats been fixed at least once i can tell by looking at it haha. anyways, thanks for any ideas anyone might have. Cant wait to shred it up and take pics for anyone interested!

jacobs0222i 08-10-2010 10:45 PM

I have heard that 1,200 pounds would do the trick for that boat.


airzemee 08-10-2010 10:48 PM

this is not the 2001 hull, this is the year before that hull unforunatly. Still alot better than a bayliner 175 though as far as im concerned. thanks for the site though. I'm gonna research to see if anyone has any 80s in there.

wakebrdr38 08-11-2010 10:44 AM

*2 Years before the 2001 Hull" The 2001 hull was from 82-89*

airzemee 08-11-2010 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by wakebrdr38 (Post 1620594)
*2 Years before the 2001 Hull" The 2001 hull was from 82-89*

yah, that is my bad, so anyone have any suggestions on prop or ballast? I was looking at that 2001 website and lots of ppl on there make boxes with lids for alongside the engine for their fat sacks, that is what i am thinking of doing now, looks alot better that way than just having sacs laying around the boat. Still unsure about what to do in the bow area though for ballast, probably just lead weight unless anyone says otherwise?

wakemikey 08-12-2010 10:46 AM

You should still be able to follow most every scrap of advice from the2001.com. Weight it the same, prop it the same. That is my amateur opinion since I'm not a CC head.

otown_dave 08-13-2010 4:24 PM

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I've been behind one for the last three years.The Wake is NOTHING like the 2001 .....But it still will be better than a I/O. It will definitely help you with your technique...

airzemee 08-16-2010 4:27 PM

otown dave, do u run any ballast in urs at all? i know for a fact that its not a 2001 wake, my buddy is coming cross country next week and will bring me about 100 pounds in fat sacs to try it out. What i am wondering is if anyone has any experiance with the pre2001 ballast loading. it is a great boat for the cost, and runs like a dream. It gets me on the lake for the next couple of years until i am settled in and able to finance a new vdrive. So ive been looking for any pointers or any ideas i can steal so that this boat gets me by the next couple of years.

Sell73 08-18-2010 6:36 PM

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Hey mate - I have the pleasure of owning both a 1980 SN & a 2005 SAN210.
In my opinion the pre SN2001 hulls give the biggest wake per pound of ballast of all boats. Unfortunately they max out pretty quickly & the wake will be really steep.
To get the best wake we used to run 500lbs behind the engine & another 250 snaked around the front between the seats & the engine box. To get the best value (fuel wise) wake we simply ran the 500 behind the engine.
You can also get a surfable wave on the starboard side with less than 1000lbs.

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