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JDubs 08-09-2010 7:09 PM

Destin FL
Gonna be in town for work. I was looking for a pull on sun. and or mon. afternoon. Always good for gas money and helping wipe down and clean up afterwards. I am a boat owner myself so I know how it is. Please feel free to give me a shout.

256 595 9495

JDubs 08-19-2010 7:25 PM

Well I'm back home. Thank you destin. Not one phone call. I hope you're happy with yourself. Can't wait for you to ask me for a pull in Alabama. Haha. I would probably still say come on.

baitkiller 08-19-2010 7:32 PM

I know there is a boat out of Legendary Marina (Whale Wall) that rides weekdays. I watched them load and go into the afternoon butter two weeks ago while I was climbing aboard a 52 Egg for the next 4 hour seesion.
It sucks anyway you slice it.

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