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wake2blake 08-09-2010 6:54 PM

Is it worth the wait?
I'm lookin to buy a 2010 witness grind but i'm not sure if i should wait until the 2011 boards come out., which is next month i think.
Will prices on the 2010 boards drop once the new stuff comes out?

texastbird 08-09-2010 8:53 PM

They will start close-outs usually in the fall

cwb4me 08-09-2010 9:36 PM

Yes after labor day

wake2blake 08-09-2010 9:47 PM

what do you think the price difference will be between a 2010 and a 2011? i just saw the 2011 and it looks so sickk

Gears 08-10-2010 12:31 AM

2010 graphic is way better then 2011, I'd go the 10.

hyperlite 08-10-2010 5:08 AM

2011 is out now. Buywake.com

wake2blake 08-10-2010 9:34 AM


Originally Posted by hyperlite (Post 1619939)
2011 is out now. Buywake.com

nahh i gotta have the grind

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