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Preston1975 08-08-2010 8:37 PM

New Wakeboarder Help!
Hi Guys,
I am new to this website and am looking for some advice. I am 6'1 and weigh 220 and 35 years of age and have only wakeboarded a handful of times and that was 10 to 15 maybe even 20 years ago. I am looking to start trying to learn how to wakeboard now. I am not looking to go all out now, however would love to learn how and eventually learn a few easy tricks. What board and bindings would be a good fit for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

cwb4me 08-08-2010 8:47 PM

a continuous rocker board between 140 and 144 cm .any binding that fits would be okay to start.demo a board if you can. then you will know if you like it.

kko13 08-09-2010 4:47 PM

Look into CWB bindings with the hinge great bindings. hinge is great for beginers so easy to get in and out of. Still perform great as well. I ride the factions and love them. Boards are tuff you have to try a few and find what you like. I am 225# and ride a 144 I just came up from a 141..so I agree with Robert look in the 100 and up range and try and ride as many different boards as you can. For example alot of people said try the hyperlite State board a few years back when I started. Alot of people loveit. i tried it and hated it I liked the H/L TFD much better so I went with that. Its all about how the board feels to you.

skongolf 08-09-2010 7:37 PM

I totally agree with the CWB hinge bindings, I have factions too and they are awesome. If you can find a 143 LF Trip, snag it. Great board to learn and progress on. Easy to get up and extremely stable on edge, at least for me. You can pick up a new Trip on ebay for around $150 at times.

rocket71 08-09-2010 7:50 PM

I have had Hyperlite 3DS, CWB Factions, CWB Zues, and now Ronix Cells. I feel the CWB's even with hinge tech never felt as secure as the 3DS. The jury is out on the Ronix bindinds till my leg heals and I can actually try them out. I fractured my right tibia in the CWB Zues's. I am not blaming the bindings but am wondering if they would have stayed tight if I would still be riding right now. My 2 cents...as far as boards, I started on a Liquid Force Alpa and loved it.

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