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surfdad 08-08-2010 7:19 PM

August picture thread (community)
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C'mon we can't have all stopped riding! :)

bennn 08-08-2010 7:43 PM

nice pics and nice wake!!

scottnaz 08-08-2010 8:05 PM


Originally Posted by surfdad (Post 1619323)
C'mon we can't have all stopped riding! :)

Yep Jeff, we all gave it up after James put the smack down on the competition the last couple events. Plus, to add salt to the wound, insult to injury..... Robert's pictures from the break-in session of his new Tige... :)

wofrankwo 08-08-2010 9:05 PM

kids on vacation ..... toooooo much work ...... will be out monday first time in almost 2 weeks ...... have to be at work at 4am to pull that off ..... kids back wednesday then i have them next 2 weeks ...... but thanks for the pics it made me remember!!

ragboy 08-10-2010 2:14 AM

hey frank, when you gonna come up and check out our new boat? Have chris and RJ do dualing flyboys?

jdjjamesz 08-10-2010 8:36 AM

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back to the lake..

jdjjamesz 08-10-2010 8:39 AM


wofrankwo 08-10-2010 10:42 AM

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yesterday with mitch and rachael ..... great fun .... great day ..... great progression by both ...... low battery missed mitch tearing it up big time

wofrankwo 08-10-2010 10:45 AM

@mitch ..... video of your shuvit revert 180 and rachael 360 so close on my u-tube place

@robert ..... kids come home tonight or tomorrow finding out now ....... would love to come up thursday/friday if you want to put up with us LOL ...... how does RJ like the flyboy?

ragboy 08-10-2010 10:49 AM

Y, we are going out friday. RJ is loving it, and getting used to it. He says its a rocket ship. It likes to pearl more than the TWP JWSM but he is adjusting. It is wicked fast, and getting higher, now he just needs to get his run up to his air with more speed and not shovel the board, and he will be ripping. He has only had 2 sessions on it. We are going out tomorrow, and friday. If you come down here on Thursday afternoon, maybe we can have a nice home cooked meal, some tri tip and stuff, and we have our 30ft travel trailer that we used at the festival all setup and ready to go, plus couches and inflatable mattresses for the kids. The kids may want to sleep outside in the meadow.

ragboy 08-10-2010 10:51 AM

I am checking with Amy.

gunz 08-10-2010 1:11 PM

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Had to borrow a board cause I was originally out wit d wakeboarders......

jdjjamesz 08-10-2010 5:54 PM

nice wake rich..

wofrankwo 08-10-2010 6:21 PM

i couldnt tell if it was the angle or if it was a real nice wave

gunz 08-11-2010 6:47 AM

James would know....its his.

Longish story,but you shoulda seen the looks I got when I pulled my wakeboard outta my truck.


jdjjamesz 08-11-2010 8:47 AM

that board worked good for you rich,fast..I was sleeping on that shot...haha

madmuffin 08-11-2010 10:47 PM

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Surfing behind the X-30

jdjjamesz 08-12-2010 4:45 PM

another one today..

jdjjamesz 08-12-2010 4:48 PM

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another great day of summer..

madmuffin 08-12-2010 8:47 PM

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Multi-tasking my style... ;)

madmuffin 08-12-2010 9:57 PM

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A little more focused... :cool:

timmyb 08-13-2010 8:55 AM

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Here's one from Wed night, my buddy Clint riding at sunset (sorry, it's a crappy iPhone picture):

jdjjamesz 08-14-2010 2:33 PM

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jdjjamesz 08-14-2010 2:34 PM

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jdjjamesz 08-14-2010 2:38 PM

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this is the trick im trying to get wired now.You have to have alot of speed and theres alot of risks with this one,so hopefully everything goes right.

jdjjamesz 08-14-2010 7:51 PM

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Sorry about putting so many shots up,just been going through photos..:)

surfdad 08-15-2010 4:35 PM

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Can't wait for after Labor Day when the crazies stop going out!

surfdad 08-15-2010 4:39 PM

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The sequence shots ran out before James finished it up, but he landed this stalled ollie-oop.

wakesurf_ohio 08-16-2010 5:52 AM

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We finally got out in August :)

surfdad 08-20-2010 8:49 PM

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Congrats Robbie!

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 9:22 AM

Hey jeff ,what lake is that .Im taking my boat to sacramento on the 31 to get a wrap put on it from centurion.I was thinking of riding the next day near there.What lake is near sac.

surfdad 08-21-2010 10:32 AM

Are you getting a wrap? Do you have any rough out of the graphics? I'll bet it'll be killer. We ride New Hogan, which is in Valley Springs. You can hit the river from just about anywhere along I-5. Folsom is due east, it's stupid busy on the weekends, but would be good on a week day, like the 31.

I think that every other lake, close by, is south of the Sac area, like down around Valley Springs and Burson.

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 11:37 AM

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Yeah This wrap,I guess I will spend the night and go to folsum.How far is that from sac..

surfdad 08-21-2010 12:04 PM

That's sweet. Sirlin are the folks that did that Mastercraft Design that Mike at TWP used for the Mastercraft line of boards. That have some cool graphics.

Check this map of Folsom and the surrounding area - I think it's about 25 miles east of downtown Sac. It's right between 80 and 50, so you should be fairly close to one of those freeways.


jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 12:06 PM

Thanks buddy,and if anyone is near sac,on tuesday the 31 ,Im stuck all day with nothing to do,if anyone is riding hit me up.I would love to ride while im waiting there,thanks jamesz

ragboy 08-21-2010 12:11 PM

Thats a cool wrap, I still want to do that eventually.

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 12:19 PM

yeah,im stoked on it,,,Its like pirates meet lost. design.

ragboy 08-21-2010 12:21 PM

I usually don't like all the skulls and stuff, but the the scary face on the wave works. When I like a wake, I many times say, "that's a mean looking wake". So that wrap is cool, and you definitely have a mean looking wake. Can't wait to see the pics of it on.

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 12:35 PM

I know I cant wait ,its perfect for wakesurfing...I want to get some shots from another boat so you can see the wrap and the wake..

ragboy 08-21-2010 12:36 PM

The only problem is that it will show up well on the high side, not the wake side, which will be buried.

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 1:23 PM

Yeah im going to get some shots like this..

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 1:24 PM

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side shot.

jdjjamesz 08-21-2010 1:26 PM

yeah I will have to get some shots with no bags filled ,just driving..

ragboy 08-21-2010 1:28 PM

y, the high side will make the wrap look amazing.

surfdad 08-22-2010 6:44 PM

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The lake is staring to clear out. I can't wait for the day when ALL the tubers are off the lake! :)

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 4:41 PM

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Hot day:)

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 5:48 PM

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Look at the wake in this shot,so sick..

ragboy 08-23-2010 5:50 PM

I would have to agree, thats a sick looking picture/wake.

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 7:30 PM

It looks like a skate ramp..finally some nice weather..

timmyb 08-23-2010 7:37 PM

Dang James! That's like a 1/4 pipe! What size is your board? Looks huge! Very cool pics!

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 8:39 PM

My board is 5/4 so that give you an idea of how big it is..

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 8:54 PM


jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 9:00 PM

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:eek:when things go wrong..

jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 9:09 PM

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jdjjamesz 08-23-2010 9:12 PM

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wofrankwo 08-23-2010 9:43 PM

We Got Out Too
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James, Mitch, Rachel, Chris n Frank ...... 1st pic giving thanks to a beautiful day

Rachel surprise at her 360 ........ James Big Alley Oop ......... Chris Air

ragboy 08-24-2010 4:30 PM

This is awesome:


RJ and Whitney and the rest of the family came over when they heard me laughing hysterically. That is way too funny.

wakemitch 08-24-2010 4:43 PM

James needs to take care of that vest tan line.


ragboy 08-24-2010 4:47 PM


wakemitch 08-24-2010 5:08 PM

People Against Vest Tans.

It's a wakeskating.com thing. haha

wofrankwo 08-24-2010 6:47 PM

look how much chris has grown since friday robert LOL ...... hes the tallest

gunz 08-24-2010 7:14 PM

I dont get it.....but Im not sure I want to......looks like a someguypete thing..

ragboy 08-24-2010 7:16 PM

@frank, thats funny. Poor mitch.

jdjjamesz 08-25-2010 10:28 AM

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110 at tha lake yesterday.crazy...

jdjjamesz 08-25-2010 10:31 AM

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using the board to shade myself...

Chris_JR 08-25-2010 11:00 AM

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These are from last week.

ragboy 08-25-2010 11:13 AM

Those are some nice bottom turns. I love the look of a good bottom turn. I think they get overlooked sometimes. Just my opinion. I remember as a kid opening Surfer magazine and some of my favorite shots were those bottom turns with the surfer looking up at some beast of a wave. Anyway, I love that shot.

jdjjamesz 08-25-2010 11:30 AM

Nice shots chris...

wofrankwo 08-25-2010 11:40 AM

yea chris!!!

scottymc261 08-25-2010 3:59 PM

Totally sick bottom turns! love em'! Clo looking good too!

surfdad 08-28-2010 4:47 AM

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During the week riding is so much better than weekends!

surfdad 08-28-2010 4:48 AM

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...and "I think" an attempted back big. Emphasis on the "attempted" :)

hawaj 08-28-2010 8:16 AM

Chris I would lite to see video of that bottom turns! They are sick.

jdjjamesz 08-29-2010 12:05 PM

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Last days of August,threw a stalefish in there today..

Chris_JR 08-29-2010 7:11 PM

thanks petr. i will try to get some footage this weekend

surfdad 08-29-2010 7:44 PM

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Getting towards the end of summer!

jdjjamesz 08-30-2010 5:36 PM

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windy day today..

jdjjamesz 08-30-2010 6:49 PM

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LAST days of August,it was a good month..

jdjjamesz 08-30-2010 9:08 PM

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jdjjamesz 08-30-2010 9:19 PM

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great summer with my Daughter...:)

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