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steve_jones 08-08-2010 5:45 PM

Colorado Wakeboard Festival Aug 14-15
Great times in Colorado this year! I have to say that this summer has been the best summer for wakeboarding since I’ve been here and next year will be even better. So very stoked on riding right now and I even managed a few new tricks thanks to some of the boys!

This coming weekend (August 14-15) will be our summer wrap up party with a 2-day wakeboarding festival at Windsor Lake. (Yes we know it's the same weekend as the music festival but it is what it is - that was the only weekend we could lock down the lake.) This event is entirely for fun and will provide a great opportunity for all of the locals (and several imports coming from out of town) to get together for one, last, end of the summer bash. The general schedule is laid out below and will be continually updated on our website as we add additional festivities. Keep current by looking there. The idea for this event is to have a little something for everyone; the wake contest riders, mom and dad and other spectators, the core riders, the ladies, and other enthusiasts that happen to stop by to watch and cheer others on. We wanted to make it fun for participants, athletes, and spectators alike and its way too hard to cram into one day!

The first day is the wake contest with the Groms kicking it off at 8am (see website for your division check in times) as well as some other fun activities after the awards, such as a video premier of Slick City and a bikini contest after the little ones go home that night. $250 will be awarded to the winners of the Outlaw division and the Bikini contest. “Adult social hour” will start as soon as the bikini contest wraps up at a local place to be announced and should wrap up by 8am the next day….(FYI, The only hotel in Windsor is the Super 8.)

The 2nd day will kick off at 10am and consist of $10 wakeboard lessons and/or rides open to the public, equipment demos, and several crowd and spectator games. The “Meet Some Peeps” contest is always a big hit on Saturday and gives everyone a chance to meet new people to mingle and ride with. We also plan to do an actual trampoline contest (the first of its kind??) and a trailer backing contest (in the footsteps of Jeff McKee) – both should be really fun and unique.

For those that want to compete in the wake contest, we had to cap each division at 10 people so we can wrap up at a reasonable time – last year the turnout was overwhelming and we can’t do that again and have time for other “important” activities that Saturday night. (Sign up quick if you plan to compete because it will max out.) For those coming to watch, bring your wakeboard trivia knowledge, a great attitude, and be ready to have a good time and win some cool stuff. Among the prizes are Dean Smith’s actual 2010 wakeboard (yes, his actual wakeboard), and many other items signed by various pros that are good for collectors. I’m sure there is something I forgot, so all other details are on our website.

Alright, let’s be real for a second. The only way to GROW our sport is to get new participation involved in it. (Haters think about that for a second before doing your thing and popping off.) With that in mind, bring a fresh face or two if you plan to attend and it will pay dividends to you in one of two ways.
1) If you are just watching and attending the event, bring your new spectator friend(s) up to the main registration booth and ask for a free raffle ticket for both you and your buddy or buddies.
2) If you are in the wake contest and bring at least one new friend to compete (that has never competed in one of our wake contests before) your entry fee will be free and both registered athletes/riders will get 5 free raffle tickets.

For those of you that are not Wakeworld haters, are not arm chair quarterbacks, and do support and get involved (maybe even help with??) with these types of local events, and do have some constructive feedback, we are actively looking for additional ideas for activities and crowd games and such, especially for the second day. Let us know if you have any positive ideas that could be good for anyone of all ages, don’t cost tons of cash, and are not too hard to get approved through the city or insurance. (FYI, we asked and we can’t do sliders, winching, camping, late night parties, or a live band at this point but they are possibilities for next year – so that’s cool! We do however have full and exclusive access to the lake and most of the park during the daylight hours on both days so there are other possibilities we have not thought of!!)

See website for other event details - www.milehighwakeboarding.com

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