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stu929 08-08-2010 12:39 PM

Deepwater start help
Looking for some help here. Completely new crew to the joys of wake boarding and needing some help. Seen a number of videos on the deep water start and they all make it look soo easy. Im curious does anyone know of a deep water start video that also has video of the throttle included in the frame? Im sure a fair amount of the problem is rider error but the driver is used to towing airchair riders and we have having trouble with consistent starts and not face planting or burying the board.


mikebu 08-08-2010 1:36 PM

Get the Murray Detention video. He has a detailed section on this including underwater shots of the board.

2 big things involved in getting up:

Get the board flat in the water with your toes pointing slightly up. Don't worry if it goes underwater and get your ass next to your heelside edge.

Don't stand up to soon. Wait until your board is totally on plane and sliding on top of the water before you stand up. You should be able to slide sideways in this start position forever. Later on when you get the start wired you can stand up faster.

As for the driver it isn't rocket science. Ask him to roll on the throttle a bit slower if you feel he is starting up too fast. Beginners will benefit from a slower boat start.

chrishopf 08-08-2010 2:23 PM

Think about sitting on your heels and bringing your knees to your chest as the boat is pulling you up....DONT FIGHT OR MUSCLE IT or try to PUSH YOUR LEGS against the pull of the boat... Sitting on your heels causes your board to plane to the surface of the water and NOT PLOW or SINK... Remember to keep your knees to your chest and not to stand up until you are completely out of the water..


cwb4me 08-08-2010 6:27 PM

think of someone giving you their hand to help you off the floor.you keep your arm or arms straight let your butt slide up to your heels. then as you stand up you have most pressure on your heels as you lean against their pull.

goatboy 08-09-2010 12:28 AM

I stuggled a bit with my deep water starts and someone gave me a tip the other day that really helped.
Keep really balled up as the boat pulls you and keep your weight back, your arms shouldn't be doing anything apart from holding on, so don't try and pull yourself up. If the board is sinking and you are facing planting chances are you are not keeping your knees up against your chest for long enough and your weight back.
Keep your arms around the outside of your knees and if it helps put your hands close together on the handle, this brings your arms across the front of your knees and and use your foearms to help you ball up.
Worked for me...

hyperlite 08-09-2010 3:44 AM

cannon ball

wake77 08-09-2010 10:05 AM

If you can hold your board underneath you while just sitting in the water, then you can deepwater start. You just have to resist the feeling of getting pulled over the front by pushing with your knees.

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