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cdrymalla 08-08-2010 12:05 PM

PVC pipe vs Flexible Tubing
I am reworking the ballast system in a 2000 air nautique. I realize that pretty much everyone goes with flexible tubing, but is there any specific reason to no use pvc pipe? It is so much cheaper and seems like it could make for a very clean install.

My thoughts as to why someone may not use it:
1) may become brittle
2) may knock around in boat crack
3) harder to work around once installed (e.g., can just move a flexible tube out of the way
4) More prone to cracking during a freeze if not completely drained

Silverbullet555 08-08-2010 1:32 PM

I think you just about nailed it. Installation is easier with with flexible tubing as well and allows for movement as bags fill and empty.

jacobs0222i 08-08-2010 7:44 PM

Just use Flex PVC. You can still use Blue Glue.


cdrymalla 08-09-2010 6:02 AM

Thanks for the replies.

Jacob, that is good reminder. I saw some of that at Home Depot a coule of weeks ago and forgot all about it. Seems like a reaonable price per foot.


masonwakerider 08-09-2010 8:51 AM

glued / cemented/ soldered connections are not coast guard approved because, the amount of vibrations seen in a boat over time can cause those types of connections to fail. Thats why all plumbing from the factory is hose, hose barb, hose clamp.

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