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Jim 08-08-2010 3:08 AM

Liquid force Watson ltd
Have chance to buy the Watson ltd cheap. Thing I would like to know (This is 2008 model 138) is what size plate these have fitted? I heard they changed size around this time. Are they still 8" or changed smaller?

nicvtx1994 08-08-2010 3:20 AM

dont buy the ltd ones, the laces dont last, and they cant be replaced with out sewing done to them

durty_curt 08-08-2010 3:38 AM

I'm pretty sure those ltds were green and white? If so the green lace die will run everywhere and the white material falls apart faster than the regular black 2008s. Base plate is a bizzle to put together since it comes in two pieces and 6 screws. The offset stance with those plates still works with the majority of Wakeboards. So your in luck there

Jim 08-08-2010 4:29 AM

Sorry, its the other way round, buying the board want to know the hole spacing on it I.E. which bindings will fit the board. Are they 8", if so my old exel bindings will fit.

wakeboardern1 08-08-2010 8:20 AM

.... He even said it in the post guys. Smooth

The hole spacing on 08 Liquid Force boards was 7 inches, down from 8 in 2007. It was in 09 that they switched to the six inch patterns. The 7 inch pattern still works fairly well with older 8 inch plates, but if you get newer (09 and on) bindings with 6 inch plates, you'll need to get the retrofit kit to fit them on there at the widest stance option.

Jim 08-08-2010 9:13 AM

Hmm! Thanks, so 7", will have a look round to see if there are any on net for sale.

Jim 08-08-2010 9:29 AM

Problem I have is that it doesnt seem to be well advertised, dont think Ive seen any other than 8 or 6 advertised. Its not even too clear on wakeworld when you look up the 2008 LF bindings.

wakeboardern1 08-08-2010 9:37 AM

I rode 07 watson bindings on an 08 watson board for a long time, and it was perfect for my stance all of the way out. You won't have any problems with older bindings, but like I said, to use newer ones you have to order the retrofit kit from liquid force. it's only like 15 bucks though, so it's definitely worth it. If you're looking at other company's bindings, they likely have their own mounting kits like that, so just look around for those.

Jim 08-08-2010 12:23 PM

Thanks for all the advice, will try a few of my mates different bindings on the board to see what works best. Cheers.

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