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RPM_DLX 08-07-2010 8:59 PM

Adding Prop Guard Rollers
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I am looking at adding some prop guard rollers to the trailer. I have a pretty steep driveway I would like to take it up for storage reasons. I tried it out today and the prop guard will go flat to the ground. I have a few questions, are there any places that make a kit for this on my trailer (from a sanger 1998 trailer)? And if i add some roller to the prop guard will that section of the trailer be able to handle the load when pull up that angle? It just doesnt seem like a very structural part of the trailer. I have done searches but nothign very suited to this type of trailer. I would prefer buying a kit or smoething as I dotn have alot of time for designing/making my own. I have included a picture of what the back end looks like. I saw another Sanger trailer like mine with what appeared to be a wheel clamp on kit that was clamped around the main frame (not the guard) and dropped down with 2 large wheels. It looked like a kit designed to fit but I cant find anything of the such.

mach90 08-07-2010 10:12 PM

checkout california trailer works ... I'm not an expert by any stretch, however you're fortunate because you have a channel iron trailer (very strong compared to box), most likely vm from Fresno. I'd call them and ask their opinion, as well as call California Trailer Works and hear what they have to say. Good luck, and post pictures of your finished project.

RPM_DLX 08-08-2010 10:29 AM

Yes it is a VM trailer. I will see about contacting them. So, you believe that guard is strong enough for rollers?

bbeach 08-08-2010 12:24 PM

I fabricated my own... Have more photos at work of IN Progress... but here's before and after. I've since replaced these steel caster wheels with rubber ones, less marks on the driveway.

bill_airjunky 08-09-2010 8:58 AM

Rather than mounting the wheel on the guard itself, you could fabricate brackets that placed the wheels on either side of the prop guard. Then the bulk of the weight would be on the main frame rail & only supported by the prop guard from the sides.

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