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gregtay 08-05-2010 9:51 AM

/Need help with new board... surf vs skim, etc
Howdy all... need some advice from you guys on which board to get. I have been riding my Hyperlite Broadcast for a few years and we are ready to take things to the next level. Over the last 2 days i borrowed a Black Pearl Yellow, Swallow, and Sweet Spot from Adrenaline Waterwports... and wow.. they are all so different. I started with the Swallow vs. the Sweet Spot... Sweet Spot won out, but I found it was actually a lot more work vs the old hyperlite... more work to just balance and get use to how the board is going to respond in the water. Seemed dificult to get the board to turn the way i wanted. Then I jumped on the Black Pearl (I really didn't know what to expect between "suft" vs. "skim"... we kept trying to figure out the differance).. but.. wow.. the black pearl was a blast, super loose, easy to carve, very predictable. After 5 min on the board i pulled off a 360... my first ever... so i was a bit shocked that it worked. Anyway... after my experiance i am obviously leaning towards the black pearl... but wanted to check in to see if i am missing something. Negatives of a skim style board? Do i just need more time on the Sweet Spot/Swallow before i would really get the hang of the board? Any other boards you recommend we try out? My wife tried both boards and hated them both.. just too much board for her.. she is happy with the broadcast (but i think she wants me to paint it pink for her... yikes!)

Details... I am about 175-180 and i ride behind my 'bu 23LSV and a friends 21.5' Moomba LSV.

The plan is to pick up two new boards... we figured 1 skim and 1 surf... but i think i need more time on a "surf" style before i would really get the hang of it.

Thanks much for any input.

gregtay 08-09-2010 2:20 AM

Well... we decided to get both the Sweet Spot Woody and the Black Pearl Yellow. :)

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