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johndk 08-04-2010 10:39 PM

Tidal Audio contact info? (Dead amp)
I'm trying to find contact info for Tidal Audio.

The "Tidal Audio Delta Series TD880-SM" amp in my 2009 MB B52 V23 has stopped working (no power light), and I think an internal fuse might be blown. I couldn't see a fuse last time I looked at it, and will probably have to unmount the amp to get a better look (the boat is an hour away so I can't just run out to check it). I was hoping to confirm whether there even is an internal fuse and what kind it is so I can get a replacement. The external fuses I'm aware of look okay.

Anyone know?


johndk 08-04-2010 10:49 PM

I saw 877-569-0763 listed in another thread, but that is a dead #. Is the company out of business?

Matt831 08-04-2010 10:50 PM

I have my old Delta series S580. Not sure if it compares, but I'll check the for fuses and such tomorrow morning.

acurtis_ttu 08-05-2010 6:00 AM

my guess is ther are no internal fuses...you probably blew the FET's. Common issues when driving an amp to hard and past it's limits. It is repairable. under $100.

johndk 08-05-2010 6:08 AM

Thanks for that info. (Though I'm sure I didn't drive it too hard; I barely used the radio at all this year, and it was at low volume.)

Anyone recommend a good replacemet amp if I can't get it repaired?

acurtis_ttu 08-05-2010 7:31 AM

reall easy to check the FET's.....just pull the amp casing off. Seach the internt for pics of "FET's" so you know what to look at...when you find them they will looked burned/blown. ( you'll see them blackedened).

johndk 08-07-2010 7:27 PM

User error! I recently had to replace my batteries and had not properly hooked up the amp's negative cable. I didn't check that before because I thought it had been working since I replaced the batteries, but I guess not. So I felt kind of stupid but I'll take that over having to get things fixed.

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