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paulieb 08-03-2010 7:31 PM

CWB - Cypresswater Sports

How u Doin.. Wakeworld!!!! Just wanted to update on the last post I posted a couple days ago about the 3rd broking wakeboard I had with Ronix.

Just want'ed to say Ronix is a good company they make almost if not the best wakeboards out there, but why i say almost is because they do have some problems which they need to figure out.

But besides all that I want'ed to try Andrew Adkison board the Transcend because a lot of you said it was just as good if not better then Danny's One. So I did. I got to demo it out and it rides nice as F**** Great pop, soft landings all and all good board to ride in the water. So I'm happy with it.

But I wouldn't have been able to demo this board out with-out help from both Billy at Cypresswater sports and most of all Andrew Adkison. Thank you both so much.

I never have been on a CWB board and I've been missing out, I usually get stuck on these new company's that come out because they bring out all this new stuff there putting in these boards and flexing them out. But I think I learned something from that, they have a lot of testing to do still so they don't break as easy as the old design boards. Now maybe its just this one board that I'm having a problem with but who know's I haven't been on all of them but I'm just speaking out loud on my own opinion. But I just wanted to say that i'm going to go back to the company's that have been out here in the market for years. So my new board choice will be a CWB plus I want to support the local team here in Central Florida, So thank you CWB, and Andrew especially.

And I one more thing if you want a good deal on a boat go to Cypresswater Sports I'm not trying to bulls*** neither I just got a 2010 mastercraft x-2 and i bought a older boat from him a while ago, so I have room to talk. Billy is a great guy I know he is going to read this but he has done a lot for me and I know he would be happy to help out anybody else out to. Now you mite have to do a few favors clean boats or something LOL Just kidding.... But he's a great guy, Thank you Sir

If anybody comes out here to ride in the central florida area let me know i'll give you a pull no charge no worries its always nice to meet new riders

stephan 08-04-2010 10:02 AM

I will say that all boards break, no matter what anyone says! It's cool you got hooked up with a Transcend, I've been riding it for 2 years and love that shape, good choice!

guido 08-04-2010 11:19 AM

Andrew is a class act...... and his board kicks A$$. Congrats on finding what, IMO, is one of the best boards out there.

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