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akdoc 08-02-2010 4:08 PM

TWP F-18 thruster fin questions
Hi all, I just got my TWP F-18 a couple weeks ago and have a hard time getting it to release to complete a 360. I was riding at TWP Comp X 4.6 and could break it loose and land the 3. The F-18 pops huge when you want to get air but I can't for the life of my get it around on a 3. Should I just take out the back fin and ride it twin fin? And will that mess it up having no fin in the slot?

hatepain 08-02-2010 4:28 PM

Lose the training wheel! What are the fins it came with? Scimitars seem to be a little loser based on my experience.

dennish 08-02-2010 4:56 PM

Hate is correct I call the trailer fin the training wheels. Works for those learning but are not very effective for rotations. No fin will not hurt anything.

hatepain 08-02-2010 6:36 PM

Credit where credits due: I got the term from Dennis :)

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