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caucasiancamo 08-02-2010 3:14 AM

sublime with ROME RODRIGUEZ
just got back from the oc fair...

Nothing against Rome he is a very talented individual..

I'm just not sold on them as anything other then another sublime cover band..

I've seen Bad Fish live and they are just as good.

The best i've seen in a smaller place is Brodii Split covering sublime..

Got to give the Dirty Heads Props for growing up on Sublime and taking it to another level i'm a fan of theirs now for sure...

alanp 08-02-2010 6:19 AM

isnt that dude rome the singer of dirty heads? i saw the same shows a couple weeks ago. decent show.

behindtheboat 08-02-2010 8:32 AM

I've been trying to figure that out, and as far as I've found, Lay Me Down features Rome, the Dirty Heads are separate outside of that one song featuring Rome, but did it before he got picked up by the old guys.

Sublime is doing it too late. Like they realized what they missed out on. They don't even seem to really want to do the tour, they just need to. After finally settling on $$, name usage, copyrights, etc, they just don't seem into it.

The Dirty Heads are really good.

This may answer some questions, 1:20ish explanation


lizzyb 08-02-2010 12:17 PM

Sublime was Brad Nowell.. end of story.

behindtheboat 08-02-2010 1:13 PM


Originally Posted by lizzyb (Post 1616682)
Sublime was Brad Nowell.. end of story.

Exactly. Well said.

The members always wanted to do their own thing, which was great if you were into their music. Then when they didn't make it, and a decade later, they try and bank back on the name, lyrics, and product Sublime had. They shouldn't even be using the name, and Nowell's wife fought it

bennn 08-02-2010 2:05 PM

agreed... the dirty heads are my jam though, i cant believe i had to miss the tour when it came through philly

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