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idaho_hillbilly 08-01-2010 11:41 PM

Which Surfboard!?
I posted earlier about getting my kids a surfboard that they can learn on. Well, this search has been difficult. Here is what I have locally so far...

CWB - Tsunami 57"
I tested this one. I LOVED it..but it's for my kids. It seemed pretty aggressive and lacked the stability I'm looking for.
Liquid Force - Venture 5'
Haven't tried this one. But, this is the one the salesperson suggested
Ronix - Cortez 4'8"
I haven't tried this one either. I like the wide board and the longer fins.
Any input on these board? REMEMBER, this is for a 11 and 13 year old that weight 85 and 95lbs.

I need some help here!

hawkeye7708 08-02-2010 7:13 AM

I would probably go for a longer surf if it was for the kids, just may be more stable for them. However, with them being pretty light weight wise, a shorter one may work just fine. Check out some of the deals on Inland Surfer boards. They're excellent surfs. I like the RONIX as well.

lakesurfer 08-02-2010 7:33 AM

you could look into a Phase 5 Scamp. Maybe add longer fin to make it more stable. I believe they are good for up to 110lbs.

The kids are going to have a hard time flipping those big boards over when they try to get up out of the water.

idaho_hillbilly 08-02-2010 7:55 AM

I've been told about the Phase 5 Scamp, but I would like something they can ride in the years to come.....I want my cake and to eat it to! Plus, I can't find a dealer in my area that carries Phase 5.

Let me do some looking for Inland Surfer. Like their website, even has an app to help find the right board.

lakesurfer 08-02-2010 8:31 AM

Two IS boards you could try:

Inland Surfer 4-Skim Black Pearl "Yellow" Tri-Fin: I have one for a general boat board and with all 3 fins on it is stable. Other great thing is that if you take off the two outside fins as they progress and make it a true skim board.

Inland Surfer Squirt Tri-Fin: This is IS entry level board. It is suppose to be one of the nicest boards for the $ I would much rather have this than the boards you listed above.

Good luck.

petrey10 08-02-2010 9:22 AM

the IS Squirt is a great board... I am 6'2 210# and I can surf it on my Tige 20i

wakemitch 08-02-2010 10:32 AM

The Inland Surfer Infectious Ltd. would be the best board for the kids i think. Its a tri fin 4'5"skim. Its a skim board so its thin and easy for the light kids to get up on and if you buy the extra side fins it is super stable and easy for them to ride. The inland surfer skims are really fast so they will have no problem learning how to ride ropeless. The board just came out and i think its going to be a big hit. Its the same as the black pearl yellow but 2 inches shorter.

alans 08-02-2010 12:09 PM

Might be an unorthodox suggestion, but I would not get them a Beginner/Stable board at all. At 11 and 13 they will be ripping it up in no time, no matter what they have, and if you get a "starter" board you will be buying them an "advanced" board next Spring. I have tought countless first timers how to surf on my Drew Daniello this summer. Sure, I have bigger, more stable boards, but beginners have no reference point of what is stable. I have had a 100% success rate with beginners going rope-less in the same day they learned.

wakemitch 08-02-2010 2:34 PM

Alan, thats the beauty of the Inland Surfer Infectious. When they are ready you take off the side fins and they have a high performance skim for shuvs, 3s, and airs.

The Tri-fin calibrated 51" Piscus would also be a great board.

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