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smithlsv 08-01-2010 9:20 PM

08 Supra21v Problems
I have an 08 21v with around 320 hours on it. I was on the lake this last weekend and put gas in on the water. The boat ran fine prior to filling. I made a trek accross the lake and noticed that the boat would more less surge when trying to go over about 35mph. Later that evening the boat died as I tried to start it. Took it out and filled up all the sacks and noticed it took forever to get on plane. On my way back to teh dock the service engine light came on and was surging again. I just put a new prop on last weekend and rode all last weekend no problems the rode all day before putting in gas just fine. What do you guys think?

Fuel filter?

fman 08-01-2010 11:03 PM

I would start with the fuel filter, its easy to replace and cheap. When was the last time you replaced it? Should be every 100 hours, I do it every spring. If this does not do it, could be a faulty fuel pump????

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