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cdrymalla 08-01-2010 7:33 PM

LF Faction, Hyp Catalyst Stylus?
Looking to get a first board for the family to try out wakeskating. We have been wakeboarding for about a year or so. I want to stay in the $100 range (e.g., $80-130). I am 5'10" 175. and my sons are 5'7" 150 ish and 5'4" 115ish. We are probably looking to do more wakeboard style stuff and maybe use it for new wakeboard tricks for the time being, but could get more into it depending on how we like it.

I have been looking at the LF Faction 40 and the Hyperlite Catalyst Stylus 41, each are $100. I think both are 3-stage. Does anyone have an opinion about either. I think my local shop has the Stylus 41 available, but I would have to order the other.

If there is anything else in that range that is worth looking at...anthem, etc....

Also, any opinion on size. From what I have read the 40-41 is a mid-size. The guy at the local shop suggested 41-42 range and to shy away from the 40???

wakemitch 08-02-2010 10:56 AM

40" would be better.

cdrymalla 08-09-2010 2:03 PM

Just a quick update, I went with an '09 Hyperlite Scape 107 from EVO. I think the board shape is the same or very similar to the '10 Hyperlite Catalyst Stylus. We took it out this weekend, the boys popped right up and we had a good time. I was able to get up deepwater, but it took a sec to figure out how to lift my wieght on the smaller board - the deepstart was definately the way to go for me.

BTW EVO has theHyperlite Scape on sale for about $70 shipped if anyone is looking for a cheap entry level board to try out.

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