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wesley_is_wake 08-01-2010 2:36 PM

Best spots on Greers Ferry Lake?
I'm taking a family vacation to Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas next weekend and was wondering if there are any good places to ride that I should check out while I'm down there. Also, I'd like to hear of any good places to eat and other things to try while I'm down there from other people who have been to Greers Ferry or live in the area. Thanks :)

bmartin 08-03-2010 8:25 AM

Sugar Loaf island is a favorite. There are some small cliffs near the island that a lot of people hang out. If you want to do something different and like trout fishing the little Red River below the dam is close. You will have decent water just about anywhere during the week, but like most lakes it gets blown out on weekends mid-day.

pc332 08-03-2010 2:25 PM

I ride on the middle fork on the north side of the lake. If you follow the fork all the way back, the water is almost always smooth. Have fun, it's a beautiful lake!

wakekid72501 08-04-2010 4:48 PM

I put in at hill creek and ride around the prim bridge part of the lake it is pretty smooth most of the time. The lake is always smooth early in the mornings and normally in the late afternoons even on the weekends

wesley_is_wake 08-16-2010 9:22 PM

Thanks for all of the input everyone. Unfortunately, I was without internet access for a week and a half, but we actually did go trout fishing on the little red river and it was pretty cool. We also went down by the dam and jumped off a cliff around that area. We ended up staying at a lake house directly across from sugar loaf island and sugar loaf marina, which is where we spent most of our time swimming and wakeboarding and even slalom skiing a little bit.. Overall it was really sweet and I'd definantly like to go back again sometime; preferably when it's not as hot.

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