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sugarnipples101 08-01-2010 1:24 PM

When do 2010 Wakeboard Model go on Sale?
Does any one know when 2010 Wakeboard models start to go on sale, I.E. Half off...

wake77 08-02-2010 8:52 AM

Some companies in a couple of more months. Some wait until the 2011 stuff is out.

eubanks01 08-02-2010 10:40 AM

I think it depends on the region. I've seen our local boardshops start in August. That seems crazy to me since there are still 4 more comfortable months of riding left.

landowakettu 08-02-2010 7:03 PM

I know in the shop I work for the 2010 gear won't go on sale until Oct. right about the time we get all our snow gear for the winter season.

chaser 08-03-2010 11:28 AM

I just got a 2010 Absolute for almost half off....just had to ask for a deal at the shop.

timmo 08-09-2010 5:03 AM

Expect most places to ditch prices soon after SurfExpo given that's when all 2011 gear the companies are showing will be pictured & video'd on every website... Always makes "last year's" gear harder to sell, and retailers want to make room for when that shiny new goodness hits their stockroom.

It's Sep 10- 12 this year which is later than usual, brands want their new kits in the pics for the WWA Finals if they're sooner...

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