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eccpaint 08-01-2010 3:12 AM

Vote for Wakeboarding!! We need your help!!
Please help us get a $25K grant from Pepsi to bring wakeboarding to Children's Homes across the nation!

Please vote and repost on your facebook, myspace, email and twitter.


Top ten ideas get funded! Let's make this happen!

eccpaint 08-01-2010 11:47 AM

Here is avideo that tells the story.

wakesetter_WW 08-01-2010 4:30 PM

You got my vote!

JJ 08-01-2010 5:20 PM

Voted! Good Luck!

eccpaint 08-01-2010 6:58 PM

We have been as low as 233rd and as high as 10th today. Mostly we have been in the 20's and 30's during the day. Please let everyone know by reposting this info. We need your support! Remember top ten ideas get funded. Wakeboarding needs to land in the top ten!

joeshmoe 08-02-2010 6:50 AM

you got my vote!

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