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Blazed1 07-31-2010 5:22 PM

What's Good? Looking for some advice about speakers?
I've got a Sea Doo Sportster, I just am learning how to wakeboard, and want some speakers on the boat, since it makes the whole experience way less frustrating with some music haha, anyway..

I'm looking for some nice speakers, they don't have to be top of the line hear them across the lake, but it would be nice to hear the speakers from 50ft back lets say?

What would you guys recommend, and also what all do you need?

Speakers An Amp? A sub?

Also how do the speakers get hooked into the cd player? All questions I'm trying to figure out, so any help or advice would be awesome, thanks guys!

Tmannsx80 08-01-2010 12:18 AM

Hey there you should check out http://www.exilecaraudio.com/ For the tower I would go with the exile xm7's easy to mount, spin 360 degrees, and are theft proof. I would run the Xm7's with a exile harpoon amp which suits those speakers perfectly. For the inside I would go with the sx65 co ax speakers, affordable, sound great and look great as well. You could run the exile 800.4 to them and would have plenty of power too. For a sub id do the sx12 depending on how much bass you want you could move up to. You could run the sub of the 800.4 or purchase another exile amp kinda all depends on your budget. Exile is the hottest product out there right now..... Affordable and sound great.... Brian at exile is doing great things... If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask ...... PS on your question on how the speakers are hooked into the cd player they can go two ways if u have an amp you would have rcas going into the deck if you dont have an amp they would connect to the harness and most speakers leads would be wht/wht blk-purple,purple black etc. Liquid Trends Northbay

david_e_m 08-01-2010 10:40 AM

With a jetboat you have a tiny alternator, generally no more than 20 amps per engine. It takes 10 amps just to power the boat. If you put a 1000 watt Class AB amplifier on your SeaDoo you are likely to stall the boat as you're running across the water. Yes, you can add extra battery capacity but something has to maintain the battery. So go easy on your system design and definitely go with a highly effecient Class D amplifier. Look into the JL Audio XD series for a model that fits your needs. I've given this same advice to local boaters who didn't listen and got stranded even though the boat was running at the time. Plus, if you are not careful in the system design you can toast that tiny alternator.

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