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guma 07-30-2010 2:06 PM

New Posts - Llimitation
I pretty much always use the New Posts button on the main menu bar. But I have noticed, no matter how long I have been away from WW, I only get the latest 50 unread threads.

Can this be changed to a larger number, or better yet, to include all the posts I haven't read since my last visit?

wakeworld 07-30-2010 2:15 PM

Yes, in fact I'll change it right now. This is one of the reasons we're moving to a faster server. It will help with queries like that. I use New Posts as well, but I probably check in more than you! :)

guma 07-30-2010 2:31 PM

Very cool! Just hit it again and came up with 5 pages of unread topics...:)

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