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07-30-2010 10:07 AM

I dont understand ( Raley )
So whenever I have read or heard about this trick from anyone they said to always look at the tower... Ok I can get that, your body follows your head all that jazz... but every single time I watch anyone do one for real in front of me they always look where there spotting for there landing, I dont see one person actually LOOK at the tower, when I try them I actually try to focus on the tower but everytime I do that I feel im to focused on that and I actually stargaze on the way down ....

Do you actually LOOK at the tower or do you just say you do and dont even realize your spotting your landing the whole time

Cajun_Misfit 07-30-2010 10:13 AM

I don't accually look at the tower... Most of the time im spotting the landing but my railey's are always off axis. I'm told that if I wanted to stay square I'm supposed to take a glance at the boat before spotting you're landing. Personally i think my railey tricks (hoochie, OHH, ect...) in general look cooler off axis.

cwb4me 07-30-2010 10:28 AM

:eek:on a raley you look up at the tower so you don't rotate into a flip.you relax your hips so thety float back if you get twisted it's usually because you didn't weight both legs the same pushing off the wake . you would start spotting your landing after you have peaked but before you push the handle down towards your knees. hope this helps:D

skiboarder 07-30-2010 11:37 AM

It is like the whole look at the shore thing......."Do as I say, not as I do!!"

Cajun_Misfit 07-30-2010 12:05 PM


cwb4me 07-30-2010 12:35 PM

THE LOOKING UP THING IS JUST TO KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE YOUR BACK if you get your head level or down you will rotate in a flipping motion.

tuneman 07-30-2010 2:10 PM

I actually created a trick in kneeboarding where you throw a raley and then look down and back behind you. It's called a Wingnut. Give it a try on the wakeboard. It's freaky fun.

Anyway, yeah, look at the tower. Don't worry about others.

spicychalupa69 07-30-2010 6:32 PM

Tuneman KILLS IT on the kneeboard! He's the kind of guy that makes ballet look badass!

TarahMik 07-30-2010 6:59 PM

I don't think you should look at the tower. You look at the wake through the take-off & then keep looking where you're going (which means spot your landing). Stargazing comes from having too much weight on your back foot or going too early off the wake. Hope that helps!

kyle_L 07-31-2010 10:01 AM

when i first learned raleys, i was taking a boat lesson at owc maybe 8-9 years ago and the coach just kept telling me never take your eyes off the tower. The first one i landed i wasn't even looking at the wake when i was edging in, just the tower and after some of the worst falls i've ever taken, it worked. Once you learn the trick, you don't have to think about looking at the tower. Just in the beginning

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