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angelo_ski 07-30-2010 9:42 AM

Photo Request
As and engineer my office is generally not all that exciting of a place to spend 8+ hours, five days a week. In an attempt to bring some character to my office I have gotten a decorater involved. So I need a photo that could be blown up to fit a large blank wall. I will then silhouette either side of the photo with a wakeboarder doing a trick (Raley, poked out grab, etc.). I have the silhouettes covered. The pic I am looking for would be some glassy water, sunrise/sunset or with some colors in it. I know there have been threads before with the glassy water, but I thought my request might help me dial in just the right photo. I know some of you work real hard to get that perfect photo, may even be your career, so I am willing to negotiate a fair price for the pic. Thanks.

dcervenka 08-02-2010 4:17 PM

Hit up: http://ryantaylorvisual.com/ I'm pretty sure he's got the picture you're looking for!

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