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surfdad 07-29-2010 10:53 PM

2010 NWWSA Contest pictures
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Mostly just sightseeing in our webshots album, but we did run into a bunch of wakesurfers. Trinity, Sean, Jeff and Warrick.


I'll post more as the contest gets going.

wofrankwo 07-30-2010 6:06 PM

wishing we were there ..... snif ..... snif

surfdad 07-30-2010 6:12 PM

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Day 1 of the NWWSA was practice day. Very short, one way and then done, so it went quick. Wake9.com crew were there setting up boats and I'm sure they are broadcasting or will be shortly.

The goofy side will be pulled by Jeff Page of Inland Surfer's boat.

The Inland Surfer driver curse continues! If you remember from the WWSC, Jeff and Lance each took out a boat and today Mark Sher's boat quit running, most likely a bad fuel pump.

Contest starts tomorrow at 8:30.

Not many pictures from today as we were adrift on Mark's boat waiting for a tow. :)

What I got is here

surfdad 07-30-2010 8:30 PM

So...excellent news about Mark's boat! It seems that he didn't know that you had to actually put GAS in it now and again. Seems after filling it up, the fuel pump fixed itself! :)

surfdad 07-31-2010 7:54 PM

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Huge party at Jeff Page's house, they'll announce the folks that will transfer from preliminaries to finals. Just one picture, from the men's open skim - Keenan, I think a huge indy shuv...not sure as I was TRYING to shoot from 4.7 trillion miles away.

surfdad 08-01-2010 9:01 PM

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James won again!

Men's Open Surf Finals

1) James Walker
2) Chase Hazen
3) Alec Wood

surfdad 08-01-2010 9:04 PM

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Men's Open Skim - Dom won!

1) Dominic Legace
2) Keenan Flegle
3) Sean Cummings

Dom tore his shirt off!

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