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wakeboardertj 07-28-2010 8:49 PM

Need a pull at Bullards, Clementine, far west, Folsom, etc
Hey guys I'm in town back from working a month on the oil spill and am dying to get out and ride. I don't always have a tow vehicle for my boat so I'm trying to meet some new people and ride! I can drive and of course will throw down for gas and clean up.

mach90 07-28-2010 9:58 PM

Taylor ... shoot me msg or email. Might be able to get you behind my boat up at Far West if you're available during the week days.

adambarry 07-29-2010 6:23 PM

Same here. We ride weekdays often out there as well. dtc, what boat are you in? I'm out there enough I prolly have seen you. I'm in a red and black moomba LSV.

mach90 07-29-2010 10:32 PM

Hey Adam ... just picked up a black/white/red Sanger V215. Say hey if you see us out there. We're doing more of the family thing these days, but I still manage to get both serious and fun crews together every now and then.

adambarry 07-30-2010 10:52 AM

For sure, I'll keep an eye out. We usually have a small crew in the week and me and my cousin are usually the only ones who wakeboard. The rest of the time we are out surfing in the body near the cliffs, trying not to destroy the good channel water lol. You and taylor are welcome to come join us but we usually have to limit the crew a bit because of ballast bags taking up the majority of our seating :D

wakeboardertj 07-30-2010 4:36 PM

Thanks for the offer guys. I'm down to exchange some pulls. I'm down to ride whenever, can ride pretty much any day until August 19 when I go back to school. I'll message you both my number.

Still lookin for a crew to ride at bullards with, that's the only place I really take my boat, maybe we can exchange some pulls.

hypripper 08-03-2010 3:34 PM

Im down to ride bullards or anywhere in the area...I have gas money and can help do whatever...oh and i know how to drive a boat hit me up 530-632-7041

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