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newmy79 07-28-2010 7:40 AM

Ipod adapter suggestions?
I just bought this ipod adapter (audio cable + car charger) to use on my boat because I have the adapter plug in my glove box. However, it did not work for some reason. I have the stock Kenwood head unit that comes with the Supra (08' 21v). The adapter I purchased was made by Gigaware and came from Radio Shack. Not sure why it didn't work, no music came out of the speakers when in the Auxiliary mode.

So I'm going to take it back. Do you have a suggestion on an adapter + charger that you've had success with?

acurtis_ttu 07-28-2010 7:48 AM

you should be in cd changer mode not auxillary mode. Try that and it should work.

newmy79 07-28-2010 10:39 AM

I did try that and nothing....Maybe I'll try fiddling with it this Friday while I am working on the boat while it's out of the water.

you_da_man 07-28-2010 12:28 PM

Earmark Marine has quite a few to choose from including mounts that will play and charge. They have Kenwood specific adapters. Here is what I use http://www.earmarkcaraudio.com/Xcart...cat=285&page=1

acurtis_ttu 07-28-2010 1:41 PM

make sure the cd changer connection is really good at the back of the radio. The non-OEM connectors ( like sold at radio shack) dont' alwasy fit great. You should feel it "click" into the back of the radio.

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